Jonny Holt

An agent of uprising

I love food. Do you? You can travel the world and there are so many varieties of things to eat, different tastes and traditions. But one thing I nearly always enjoy no matter where I have been is bread.

Naan, Focaccia or even a good old English bloomer! But many breads wouldn't be bread without something added to the mix. A rising agent, yeast. The yeast mixes with a bunch of other ingredients and when left or baked it causes the whole loaf to rise.

As we journey through life we gain so many things, skills and talents, knowledge and experience. These all combine to make us who we are. But what makes the difference in our life is also a rising agent.

In the Bible, Elijah was a mighty person of God who caused an uprising in the many things that he did. Raising a widow's son back to life, defeating four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal, and calling down rain to name just a few. But what was the rising agent in his life? The Word of God. Elijah was a prophet and knew how to speak God's life and Word into every situation.

I believe that God is looking for young people who are willing to use their voice to speak out. To take who they are and mix with a rising agent, and then allow it to work in and through them. Causing them to rise and speak life into their schools, colleges, homes and communities.

What are you mixing with? I encourage you to take what you have and mix it with the Word of God, who is living through Christ and active through the Holy Spirit. Then go and be someone who speaks life into all that you do.


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