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Supporting Elim Missions in Cambodia

Elim Sound recently had the privilege of working with Elim Missions at the Global Conference in Cambodia, joined by around 60 leaders from 10 nations.

This was such a significant time as everyone worshipped, prayed together and heard what God is doing through Elim's extended family in Asia. The team were inspired by everyone who shared commenting that it is exciting to be a part of the Elim Global Movement! Here are some the team's highlights.


Elim Sound loved connecting with Davy and Esther, Elim Missionaries in Cambodia. “They are doing a fantastic job. Their hospitality to the team was amazing and they are a huge asset to Elim.”

They showed us the work they are doing with the ‘Be Free’ project and we met the young ladies whose lives are being transformed through the project. The pain of hearing the stories from their past being eased only by the joy of hearing how their lives have been transformed by God's love at work.

We also got to spend some precious time with the Cambodian worshippers and musicians as we shared and delivered some training.

Stephen Gibson's highlights

Cam 06

Stephen Gibson, one of Elim Sound's core team, leading worship in Cambodia

“I loved seeing the ways that Elim is going from a UK & Ireland movement with a few international partners to a growing global movement.

It was a privilege to have Elim Sound partner with Elim Missions. This felt like the beginning of something significant! As a Core Team, we were able to understand better how Pentecostal worship looks in nations around Asia. We can see the tremendous value going forward of training worship leaders amongst our global partners.”


Elim Sound and Elim Mission teams at the Global Conference in Cambodia

“The first of this will be our International School of Worship in January 2018 when we will bring key worship leaders from around the nations to the UK for a week of intensive training.

I loved the opportunity to sing with people from 10 nations across Asia and to see the same heart to encounter God through worship.”

Sam Blake's Highlights


Sam Blake receiving prayer during the conference

“I was challenged to think beyond the comfort of the UK borders and to stretch our faith and vision towards the nations. We sense God speaking to us about our devotion to him (Luke 10) needed to come first and out of that would flow the abundance and ability to fulfil our duty and responsibility to go.

I was also humbled that Elim Sound had the opportunity to lead significant missionary and influential leaders in worship - there was a beautiful and powerful atmosphere and a real sense of the close presence of God.”

Joel Pridmore's Highlights


Joel Pridmore pictured at the Elim Leaders Summit 2017 in Harrogate

“Our recent trip to Cambodia was remarkable, but evermore so, was what God did for me more than anything I was able to do for anyone else. I know this is often the case when you visit other places, especially on a missions visit, but I hadn't really seen it coming!

I went knowing that one thing I was looking forward to was visiting Elim's 'Be Free’ project. I returned 'being freed' myself from some of the burdens that had been weighing me down in my own life journey.

I even got to catch up with an old friend who had been part of our church in Aberystwyth and now lives there in Phnom Penh.”

Ian Yates' Highlight


Guitarist and singer Ian Yates at the Elim Global conference

“There were so many highlights from our trip. It was really inspiring to meet so many great people and hear what God is doing across the Elim Family. It was a huge privilege and honour to lead musical worship and share in some powerful moments. We were challenged with our own vision from some amazing men of faith who were blowing our minds with what they are doing and seeing.”


Davy and Esher Allen serve as Elim missionaries in Cambodia, pictured together with Elim Missions' Bobbie Tinnion, Elim Global Representative (centre)

“I was honoured to meet Davy and Esther, they are doing an amazing job in Cambodia, I have so much respect for these guys who serve wholeheartedly. I was also moved and grieved by meeting the ‘Be Free’ ladies and hearing their stories. To see the beauty and hope coming out of mess and brokenness reminds me of the awesome power of the gospel.”

If you want to know more about the work in Cambodia, check out Davy and Esther’s blog:

Cam 03

Elim Missions director, Paul Hudson, along with regional leader, Dave Campbell, at the conference


Dave Campbell praying with leaders


Prayer ministry time during the conference


Some of the Elim Global leaders at the conference in Cambodia

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