Getting to know Stephen Gibson

Stephen (Stevo) is associate pastor at Cardiff City Church. He is originally from Scotland and is a part of the Elim Sound Core Team.


Some interesting facts about Stevo:

  • Kevin Pete once described Stephen as the most fertile man in Elim
  • Stevo used to sing on Kings Kids albums with the likes of Daniel Bedingfield
  • He has been named the trendiest member of the core team
  • MPOWER’s Mark Lyndon-Jones said that Stevo is the only guy he knows that Lycra hangs off (He rides a bike to church)
  • Many consider Stephen to have a voice of an angel

The Interview

Stevo - tell us about your life and family?
I’m married to Rachel and we have 4 kids - Jonathan, Daniel, Abi and Benjamin. Rachel and I met as students, got married at 21 and had 4 kids by 28! We love our crazy, family life.

Tell us about kings kids?
Kings Kids is the child & teen ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Rachel and I separately did multiple summer mission trips with Kings Kids all around the world. In the 80s and 90s it usually involved being part of a performing arts team (in ridiculous costumes) and we would do street evangelism, schools work, practical work projects and partnering with local churches. It massively shaped our faith and our passion for discipleship.

What things do you love doing in your spare time?
On my own, I cycle and run. I enjoy the time to think. If I’m with Rachel, it’s a walk on one of the nearby beaches and there’s always a stop at a good coffee shop!

You've been at Cardiff city church a while now, tell us about the move and the exciting things that are happening and have happened?
We were based in Paisley, Scotland and the move to Cardiff in 2012 was really confirmed by God. We had just arrived in Cardiff for a wedding when I received a phone call to invite me to come on staff at City Church. It’s a great team of leaders here and I love serving alongside them.

You love releasing young leaders tell us some of your thoughts, views and challenges you've had with that?
One of my biggest joys in ministry is seeing young leaders grow and be released. I think that best happens with intense input and then a gradual release as you see their confidence and maturity grow.

What is your favourite song at the moment?
Kids by OneRepublic. It’s a happy and thoughtful song all at the same time. We all look back at our past with some good memories but also recognise that it was not all perfect.

Quickfire round

  • Batman or superman - Superman
  • Everton or Liverpool - Liverpool (but I just made Ian Yates unhappy)
  • Desert or main course - Dessert every time
  • Smart or casual - Casual (but smart on occasions)
  • Elevation or Bethel - Elevation
  • Football or rugby - Rugby (now I’m in Wales)
  • Tea or coffee - Coffee (unless it’s Lady Grey Tea)
  • Mathew, Mark, Luke or John - Luke (love the detail)
  • Resurrecting me or resurrection power - Resurrecting me

Questions: What is your favourite song at the moment?  Leave a comment below.

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