Fresh mission and ministry for Elim in 2018

At the start of 2018, Chris Cartwright, Elim's General Superintendent, shares a New Year message of encouragement to the Elim family.

In this short video that will be shown in Elim churches on Sunday 7 January, Chris gives an overview of Vision 20/20 and it's four priorities that we can partner together in over the coming years:

“It's my great joy to bring you greetings at the beginning of this New Year from Elim International Centre in Malvern and from all our teams here.

Elim is a part of a growing global family. 550 or so churches in the UK, but then thousands of churches and ministries throughout the world.

Together we feel that over these next few years we have not only huge challenges to bring the gospel to every person, but also tremendous opportunities where a Spirit-empowered movement depending upon the Holy Spirit's power and anointing to help us to make a difference wherever we are.”

Missional growth with Vision 20/20

“Vision 20/20, our three-year plan and program for missional growth, is something that we want everybody to be actively praying in to and working together with us.

  1. It's all about making and maturing disciples who can live for Christ in every single situation and sphere of life.
  2. It's about developing and equipping leaders in all facets of ministry.
  3. It's also about planting and growing and multiplying churches.
  4. And finally, it's about reaching other nations.

We believe those four priorities are things that we all can be committed to together. And I want to invite you in 2018 to make a step in your own personal life and in your church to be part of this growing sense of partnering together in those key areas.”


A great harvest around the world

“When Jesus spoke about the future in Matthew 24, he made a very clear statement this gospel of the kingdom must be preached in all the world and then the end will come. He said that there will be tough times ahead in seasons way in advance of what the disciples were anticipating or imagining. He said there will be tough times, but don't be afraid he also went on to say that in the tough times God is still the God of the harvest. And we believe that.

There's a great harvest around the world and right throughout our own communities and towns and cities. And God wants us to be a part of that harvest bringing in many who can come to know his life for themselves. But then Jesus also said that it was the spirits time.

So I'm praying that this year we will see in challenging times, the growing harvest. Lives being changed and communities being transformed. And we will be part of ushering in the Holy Spirit's power and presence into our world, our communities, our families, our churches, in Jesus name.

So God bless you in 2018. Let's lean into all that God has for us together.”


Join us as we pray for Elim's Vision 20/20 throughout January

At the start of 2018, the Elim church family across the nations will join together in prayer and focus their prayers on Elim’s Vision 20/20: our three-year initiative to mobilise the whole Elim movement to a fresh wave of mission and ministry.

2018 is a key year for our movement as we move forward in response to this call at the start of this journey that encourages every Elim church to join us in setting fresh faith-filled goals.

Our shared goals are to see people come to faith in Christ, to baptise new believers, to enable people to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to pioneer new churches and faith communities and to start a host of new ministries which will meet the real felt needs of those we are called to serve.


To assist your prayers, LIFT UP has produced a number of prayer resources to for individuals and churches. These include the weekly prayer guides and a series of videos that focus on the four priorities of Vision 20/20.

  Download January prayer resources
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