Praying for persecuted Christians


How do you pray for persecuted Christians worldwide?

“Pray for us. Help us. Save us.” Pastor Douglas, Erbil, Iraq

The Elim Prayer team believe it is important to pray for those who find themselves persecuted for their faith across the world. We are partnering with a great ministry ‘Open Door’ to get up to date, helpful and relevant resources and information to help you pray. As we experience freedom to worship, to gather, to pray let’s stand in the gap for those who can’t. Let’s lift up our brothers and sisters in Christ in our petitions and prayers.

Who are Open Doors?

Open Doors is an international ministry serving persecuted Christians and churches worldwide, supplying Bibles, leadership training, livelihood support and advocacy services to help them shine the light of Christ in the most hostile places on earth.

In the UK and Ireland, we seek to mobilise the church to serve their persecuted family through practical support, advocacy and prayer. The new seven-year global campaign: Hope for the Middle East is a response to the cry of Christians like Pastor Douglas in Iraq who says: “I put it in three words: Pray for us. Help us. Save us.”

Why Pray?

Prayer is always the first thing that persecuted Christians ask for. "We need prayer, every day," says a church leader, speaking on behalf of displaced families in Iraq. "When we see pictures of IS (Islamic State) on the television, we're afraid. When we hear that IS has been driven back, we regain hope. Every day our feelings change. So please pray for us every day."

Special Focus: Middle East

In Syria, where, through local partners, Open Doors is supporting 12,000 families with monthly relief, Pastor Edward in Damascus says: “Praying for the church in the Middle East is very important at this time. Really, it's very meaningful for us to see the church stay here and do the work of Christ, like a light in the darkness. People need a saviour. Who can present the Saviour for them, other than the church?”

Follow the link to Open Doors website for up to date information, creative ideas and prayer points for the Persecuted Church.