Praying for HEALING


June Freudenberg

How do you pray for healing?

June Freudenberg shares how to pray for healing wherever you go.

This last year has been an incredible encouragement as we are seeing “small” steps made into prayers for healing being dramatically answered. What in many ways is more encouraging is the increased expectancy for the miraculous to be a normal part of life, outside of meetings as well as inside the meetings.

In the last month, it has been great to see one of our 87-year-old faithful, quiet as a mouse members, for the first time get up and give testimony to a healing. She had had a diagnosis at thirteen years of age of a disease that meant she had palpitations since that day until a word of knowledge had been shared that morning when they immediately ceased. Hallelujah.

Having seen one of our elders been given a couple of months to live after a diagnosis of prostate cancer, being healed and free from cancer now for two years, has started a revival of experience of healings.

Personally, I saw my own club foot straighten out from its post teenage surgery which had reduced the deformity considerably to perfection. Since then the arthritic pain which had been managed with cortisone injections and strong painkillers has been pain free with no need of any more injections. Hallelujah.

Two of our other healings happened as people went through a fire tunnel we had at the end of a service in the summer. Both those healed were visitors to the church, and left amazed and able to move joints that had been ceased for long period of times. There have been many other healings, words of knowledge, and “as of yet” unanswered prayers, but we persist.

One of the things we have re-learnt is to always provide opportunity for prayer ministry at the end of the service. This has had the other blessing of seeing people come into a relationship with Jesus. The strange thing is it is so easy to neglect this opportunity for prayer due to time pressures of being in a hired building, and some weeks when nothing appears to happen.

One of the books I have been recommending to those attending our church in search of healing is “My healing belongs to me.” By Steve Long from Toronto. The simplicity of his approach to ministering healing has taken off a lot of the pressure to get into the flow, produce the right atmosphere etc.

A number of people have prayed for themselves after reading this book and seen results. We have heard and seen headaches and tooth pain go instantaneously without taking medication. This probably won’t be good news to the pharmaceutical industry as our dependence on painkillers has gone down.

I have also learnt to laugh at the enemy’s attempts to rob us of the perfect health that should be ours. This was very much part of the “unusual” prayer technique used as I received prayer for my foot to be healed. We need to break our stress and dismay at the illnesses we see in ourselves and others, with the joy of the realisation that the enemy’s hold on our bodies is already defeated.

When we realized that to walk like Jesus in the realm of healing, we found that just as Jesus did not heal anyone, so we do not heal anyone. We work, as Jesus did, under the authority and anointing of a God who wants to heal. Our ministry in life is to represent Jesus to this world. A Jesus who wants to extend the state of heaven to this planet here.

Our prayers for healing are more about being prepared to minister His kingdom wherever we go, and to keep things simple.