“You can help us launch 100 new youth ministries & see 1,000s of lives transformed.”

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LIMITLESS is the national youth ministry of Elim Pentecostal Churches in the UK and Ireland. We exist to reach young people, equip youth leaders and inspire dynamic youth ministry through the local church.

Reaching young people

LIMITLESS is passionate about seeing young people reached with the gospel. Our events and mission opportunities are reaching, discipling and transforming the UK.

Equipping youth leaders

LIMITLESS is committed to equipping youth leaders with the tools they need for ministry through LIMITLESS ACADEMY - our menu of training initiatives.

Inspiring local churches

LIMITLESS is doing all we can to inspire dynamic youth ministry through the local church. Our regional teams and travelling ministries are serving local churches in their mission to young people.

Please stand with us

I am so thankful to God for all he has done and is doing through LIMITLESS, yet I know we are only just getting started!

We have vision to see a dynamic youth ministry through every Elim church, but we know there are over one hundred of our churches not currently reaching the young people in their communities. For the vibrancy of our churches today and the future of our churches tomorrow, we must see this change.

That’s why we’re working on an initiative called LIMITLESS PIONEERS - missional teams that will work with local churches to pioneer new youth ministries and reach the unreached in their towns and cities.

Vision is never the ceiling, but finance so often is. Will you help lift that ceiling and see these big dreams become reality? We believe that together we can see 100 new youth ministries launched and thousands of lives transformed.

Please, will you stand with us? Together we can see lives transformed!

Tim Alford
National Director of LIMITLESS

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