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The Heart of Success

MPOWER announce a series of MPower initiatives for 2016.

Heart of Success 2016

The initial MPower Leader’s survey revealed a number of indicative priorities in Men’s lives across our movement. The key topics highlighted included the following areas as opportunities for coaching, input and teaching:-

  • Work Life Balance
  • Parenting
  • Being Good Husbands
  • Purposeful Living in God

Rob Parsons

To that end and armed with this information I was prompted to approach Rob Parsons (OBE) Chairman of the Care for the Family and friend of the Elim Family regarding his resource the “Heart of Success” which addresses the above key topic of achieving a Work –Life Balance. Although Rob wrote this resource a number of years ago, developments in technology have meant achieving a balanced lifestyle seems to be as challenging as ever.

Rob Parsons is a first class international speaker and a best-selling author and during 2016, has agreed to incorporate his material into some specific MPower events joint branded “MPower Heart of Success” and is really positive about connecting with the men across our movement.

Between February and October various Men’s events featuring these Heart of Success sessions have been agreed for London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Huddersfield, Exeter and Porth in South Wales.

The Curry Challenge – Friday 23 September 2016

Reaching Men and Eating Curry have always proved to be a great way of connecting Men to us guys in church and ultimately to Christ. We know from some recent research that pre-Christian people like the Christians they know of in work and life, despite negative media coverage of the Christian faith.

As an MPower national team who are not adverse to a few curries!! We thought it would be great to challenge the Men of our great Movement to engage in some curry tasting and at the same time seek to connect with the guys in our world at work, in life, in sport wherever we are doing life with guys.

So we propose a ”National MPower Curry Challenge!!” The aim of this night to be held over the weekend of 23-26 September 2016 is to see as many Men’s Curry Nights going on across the country with the aim of bringing a mate to an evangelistically focussed evening perhaps with a few great testimonies.

Our goal is to see a 1000 men gather across the UK eating the UK’s official National Dish of CTM (Chicken Tikka Masala!!). We’ll be working in partnership with Gary Gibbs that great connoisseur of Curry Nights and the Reach Department.

International Mission

Simon Whitley will be bringing us an MPower Mission Challenge later in the year, building on the Enable Challenge which has currently raised over £30k for the Elim Missions Be Free initiative.

Gathering of Champions

In the autumn we are looking to plan a number of Men’s Ministry Leaders Training Days in three locations across the UK to strengthen the arm of those true champions who are already leading Men’s Ministry in their Churches or looking to launch an MPower Men’s Group in their Elim church or region.

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Brothers, may I take this opportunity to offer you a prayer of blessing over you and your household in 2016, “O Sovereign Lord, you are God! Your words are trustworthy, and you have promised these good things to your servant. Now be pleased to bless the house of your servant, that it may continue for ever in your sight; for you, O Sovereign Lord, have spoken and with your blessing the house of your servant will be blessed for ever.”

2 Sam 7:28-29

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Friday 25 October 2019
25-27 October. A regional weekend for men to unplug, realign and discover the adventure of walking with God.
Friday 29 November 2019 4:00pm
Building on the success of previous years, the “MPower Band of Brothers Gathering” will be a 24-hour experience as well as an event! 

Men’s ministry practitioners will lead you through our time together introducing you to proven and successful steps to men’s discipleship - and how to build a genuine "Band of Brothers" in your local setting, that reaches and disciples men both Biblically and authentically.

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