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Men called to be relevant, real and restored

This was the theme of the 2015 men's conference at the Elim church in Rushey Green, which Mark Lyndon-Jones, MPOWER's National Director, was the guest speaker.


The conference started with tea and coffee at the cafeteria to allow us to get to know each other, and be relaxed since most men came to the Friday evening session straight from work.

The conference kicked start with praise and worship involving all the men in our Praise and worship team, including the entire instrumentalist. The presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong that the guest speaker, Rev Mark Lyndon-Jones had to adjust his plan to allow the Holy-spirit to have His way.

As men we were encouraged to be like King Jehoshaphat, not focussing on the huge challenges we face, but rather keep our eyes on God. He reminded us that when we spend time in God’s presence privately, God will defend us in public.

We were reminded about the importance of worshiping and praising God because that is where we find our breakthrough – He was impressed how "Y2Praise Male Choir and Instrumentalist” demonstrated our zeal and love in praise and worship.

Brother Simon gave his powerful testimony on how the guest speaker and a few men devoted their time to witness, support and encourage him when he had lost all hope in life. God has now restored his family and business that is why he goes round sharing the gospel of Christ through personal testimony. His testimony supports the MPOWER mission of Brotherhood; Iron sharpening; Life-Coaching; Lifestyle; Prayer; Purpose and Pursuit.


Saturday morning’s session also started with a praise and worship to prepare the ground for the word.

One of the lessons we learnt from 2 Samuel 11 and Psalm 51 was the consequence of King David's decision to stay at home instead of going to war - the beginning of his trouble. A place of isolation is where temptation can start, as men when we isolate ourselves it could lead to falling into temptation and also spiritual decline. Christianity is a spiritual warfare therefore as men we should be at the war front.

We looked at some of the challenges and temptation that men face such as addictions, pornography, gambling, sex, mental health and anxiety. These are real challenges men face, including Christians. Therefore, if we do not take our position as men in the spiritual war front Satan could overpower us. There is power in confession therefore if we struggle in any area of our lives it is better to confess than to be caught.

We had communion together to affirm the work done by Christ Jesus on the cross and also renew our covenant relationship with God. The presence of the holy-spirit was very real and tangible during the service.

There was time for ministration where the guest speaker Rev Mark Lyndon-Jones prayed for the entire delegates at the Conference.


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