Church Planting

A strong history of church planting

Elim has a vision and strategy to plants hundreds of churches across the British Isles. We believe that the local church is the most effective way to reach people with the message of Jesus Christ and disciple them so we are focussed on church planting as a core part of our activity, in fact its the very DNA of our movement. Currently we have over 50 church plants underway with more starting on a monthly basis.

In 2015, the Elim Pentecostal Church of over 550 churches celebrated its centenary as it was founded in 1915.  The Big Centenary Ask (TBCA) challenges the leaders and members of all our Elim churches to explore ways that they can plant a new church or a fresh missional expression of church in their local communities.

Where do you fit in with the vision?

We are looking for men and women who feel that God is calling them to establish new churches. You maybe a Minster in Training, at our Bible college or in an Elim Church. Whatever the case you will be feeling a call to step out, live on the edge for the Gospel.

Church Planting is all about breaking new ground. Its tough work that requires a thick skin but a soft heart. You will be someone who wants to live all out for Jesus, is a visionary, loves being with people, can think strategically, cope with failure and has an amazing ability to be optimistic despite the circumstances they will sometimes find themselves in.

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Book for our annual Church Planters Conference

Thursday 17 November 9.30am - 4.00pm

This conference is aimed at all those who are currently, or seriously considering, planting a church within Elim.

REACH supports and actively encourages church planting in Elim and this day specifically aims to train, equip, encourage and practically help the church planter with the next step of their journey.

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Four different approaches to church planting

We are currently seeing an unprecedented level of church planting in the movement. From pioneering new churches establishing fresh expressions of church to the development of multi-site churches, we are here to help.

   Pioneer Churches

This is where you start a new church from scratch. Just you and one or two others. This is the sharp end of church planting. Little resource, a small team and a big vision. Often starting in your house and juggling leading a church with a full time or part time job its full on but hugely rewarding. REACH is looking for men and women who feel called to pioneer. We currently have a target list of cities, towns and villages where we want to deploy a new pioneer team. If this could be you, get in touch with Gary Gibbs. Reading this maybe the start of an incredible gospel adventure.

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   Branch Churches

Some of our plants are what we call “Branch Churches.” This is where an existing church gathers a group of people from its congregation and establishes a new one in a different location that has no significant Christian witness reaching out to the local community. The challenge here is for the branch church to move in time from dependency to maturity and in time independence and planting out from itself! Multiplication and maximum impact is the name of the game!

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Another approach to branch church planting. These plants remain as part of one church which gathers in a variety of locations and often at different times. There is one senior leadership team although each ‘campus’ may have its own pastor responsible for the development and care of the people.

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   Fresh Expression

This tends to be a much more fluid type of church planting. In this case, typically a small team seeks to network, relate and reach out to a particular cultural group, often defined by a geographical location (e.g. a council estate) or by a shared interest(e.g. surfers, students, young families). The team may not start a public church service for some time, preferring to use time and energy to get alongside individuals and help them on the journey to an encounter with Jesus Christ.

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If you are a pastor looking to plant a branch congregation or go multi campus, REACH is here to help and advise. If you are feeling called to pioneer a new church then get in touch as soon as possible to discuss the next steps. REACH is able to provide a considerable amount of expertise, guidance and resource to help you should you become one of our pioneers.

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