How to become part of Elim

Whether you are an individual that wants to join an Elim church or has a calling to train for ministry, or maybe you are an independent church that wants to join the Elim movement, we are here to help.


Join An Elim Church

There are hundreds of Elim churches throughout the country and we encourage you to find one local to you. Once you have decided to make Elim your home church or maybe you want to know more before doing so, please speak with your local church leadership to find out how you can you can get involved. Many of our churches provide an introduction course about the vision and values of their church and what participation really means.

Find an Elim Church

Ministry Training Options

To investigate training with Elim, please speak to your local Elim church leadership as many leadership courses are church based. You may also want to consider studying at Regents Theological College in West Malvern.

Regents Theological College

Joining Elim's Network of Churches

If you are in church leadership and are investigating the possibility of your church joining our church network, please contact the General Superintendent's office at the Elim International Centre for more information.

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