The Miracles in the Gospels

‘Keith Warrington combines the best in biblical exegesis with his own Pentecostal experience. In this book, he not only sees miracles in the ministry of Jesus as acts of power, but he explores their primary purpose in what they teach us about Jesus. It is meticulously referenced, and the reader will find this a treasure of both scholarship and inspiration.’
Allan H. Anderson, Professor of Mission and Pentecostal Studies, University of Birmingham

‘Readers of this book are able to explore the identity and mission of Jesus through the clear lens of the miracle stories. Warrington does not question whether or not the miracles happened but shows what the stories meant for the Gospel writers, and reveals that the miracle stories are not peripheral to the gospel; they are the gospel.’
Graham H. Twelftree, Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, Regent University

‘Warrington’s use of various critical methodologies is both highly selective and well done, and his writing style is eminently readable. This volume is useful to pastors and students alike, and it provides a much needed corrective to many who have adopted certain interpretations without first understanding the intent of the various Gospel writers.’
Cecil M. Robeck, Jr, Professor of Church History and Ecumenics, Fuller Theological Seminary

‘Systematic and insightful, academic and inspiring, these studies on all the miracles of the Gospels will speak to a wide range of people, from young Christians to preachers and seasoned scholars. Keith Warrington has given us a rich and interesting book that I can thoroughly recommend.’
William K. Kay, Professor of Theology, Glyndwr University 

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