India Trip - Celebrating 100 Years Of Elim Missions

Some of our team have just returned from a ten day trip in India.

Elim Sound joined Elim Missions and some of our National leaders to celebrate 100 years of Elim Missions in India.
Over the ten days the team visited Chennai, Bihar & Bangalore. Leading musical worship to thousands, training hundreds as well as speaking at three Aspire Events and visiting church projects.

Below are some pictures and members of the team sharing a highlight or two

IndiaGirls 2

Rachel, Moyo and Suzanne sharing at an Aspire Event

Suzanne Hanna (Elim Sound Core Team)

‘Overwhelmed’  is the only word that expresses my experience of Mission and Worship in India, a beautiful nation and people that God loves!
Ravi Zacharias, an Indian born Christian Apologist said that, ‘Jesus didn’t come into the world to make bad people good. He came into the world to make dead people live!’ and I can say that within the extreme’s of the Indian culture I witnessed that is what I saw - LIFE!
I saw the church sowing seeds of life in the mighty name of Jesus and the sound of the Harvest that accompanied it was a roar of the KINGDOM invading earth!
From the stunning sights of the 5000+ worshipping Jesus in Bangalore, to the beautiful hands and feet of the local church in Chennai, from the powerful life-giving outreach of G.E.M.S in Patna to the anthem of countless women in prayer at the women’s conferences I will carry India in my heart forever!
Let it be known ... God is moving across the nations and the church in India is alive!


Moyo at one of the events

Moyo Ayeni (Elim Sound Core Team)

"Going on mission is a great opportunity to expand your horizons and stretch your faith and my trip to India definitely did this for me. It was my first time in India and it was a joy and privilege to serve the church. God is already doing so many amazing things in the churches/organisations we visited and it was so great to witness this and be a part of it. It was great to interact with Elim Global in this context too and see some of the fruit of what this means to have Elim partners around the world. It is a trip I will not forget."


Rachel Blake speaking to students in Bihar.

Rachel Blake

India in 10 days, what an amazing experience! Visiting GEMS school in Bihar and seeing the organisation and heart these people have for India, its children and the importance of Education was inspiring. Some of the highlights for me - taking Assembly with 800 Junior children and teaching English lessons to primary children. The classes are made up of 45-50 children with 1 teacher and no teaching assistant. Many of the children are given their uniform as a Christmas present; thousands of children attended the school.

Our women’s conferences was another lasting memory, meeting the community and the passion these women have for worship and prayer touched us all. I spoke about ‘Freedom to Flourish’ Isaiah 40:31 ‘But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength and they will soar high on wings like eagles.’ God met with these women and blessed us tremendously through word and worship.  I met some remarkable women whose main desire was to have a closer relationship with God.

The Indian people were so welcoming and I throughly enjoyed being part of the culture of this fantastic county if only for a few days. It has certainly given me some perspective on what truly matters and how we can do so much with very little.


Rachel teaching in a class in Bihar

James Bentley (Bass)

“What a privilege it was to visit the wonderful works that are happening all over India! It was so inspiring and so humbling to witness the unbridled passion for Jesus amidst the ever present threat of persecution and to see how joyful these precious brothers and sisters are in the face of adversity - truly, the joy of the Lord is their strength!  The Lord is doing a wonderful work in India and we pray that it continues to blossom and transform the nation one life at a time.

The food was pretty decent too.”


James playing bass

Jon Winnard (Drums)

India 2019, What a life changing experience!
From the crazy traffic in the cities to reality of poverty in the sticks, you can see how much the spirit of God is moving with such power.
What an honour and a privilege to be able to worship and praise God with brothers and sisters from across the world.


Matt, Jon and James

Matt Courtney (Guitar)

We had a really special time connecting, worshipping and celebrating with our extended family in India. It was amazing to see God restoring and raising up the next generation with revival on their hearts for their country. In the midst of difficult times for Christians it was a special time to be able to serve and resource those we met in India.


The Elim Sound Team 

Stephen Gibson (Elim Sound Core Team)

I met many Christians who are giving everything for the sake of the Gospel despite facing harassment and restrictions. One couple running a home for rescued children had been burgled 11 times but were determined to continue. I’ve come home challenged to live with greater sacrifice!


Worship in Bangalore

Sam Blake (Elim Sound Core Team)

Taking the Elim Sound team to India has been an incredible experience! Leading worship, teaching, training, praying and encouraging believers in Chennai, Bihar and Bangalore has been such privilege. So many great stories, of men and women who are hungry to encounter and serve God! One lady travelled 700km to attend the Elim Sound training day and then stayed for the weekend celebration meetings. The outstanding work of GEMS and the courage and devotion believers have in sharing the Gospel is so inspiring. We have definitely come back changed for the better!


Sam Blake sharing at a Training Event

India 11

Some of team with Pastor Rennukumar

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