Reaching other nations

VISION 20/20 PRAYER FOCUS: 22-28 January

Throughout January, the Elim church family across the nations are joining together in prayer and focus their prayers on Elim’s Vision 20/20: a three-year initiative to mobilise the whole Elim movement to a fresh wave of mission and ministry.

This week we're focusing our prayers on reaching out to other nations to extend the kingdom of God and the mission of the church to every people, tribe, nation and language.

We're not just a national church but part of a growing global Elim movement. We're committed to extending the kingdom of God and taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to every people, tribe and nation on planet Earth.

Chris Cartwright - General Superindendent



Missions Director, Paul Hudson, explains the role of Elim reaching the nations

“There has never been a time like this time. Elim is a 102-year-old denomination in the UK. We've been going to the nations throughout that century.

But this period of time, oh my goodness, there has never been a time like this. We've got 76 long-term missionaries out in the world today. We're in 53 nations. We have 68 Elim denominations within those 53 nations. This is phenomenal but more than that this is not just figures.

Those nations have understood Matthew 28. They've understood the Great Commission.

So they are doing what we've been doing for the last hundred years. They are going to new nations. They are planting churches in places where Elim have never been. As a result, we are expanding around the world.

We are going to get into every nation before Jesus comes back. That is the vision.

I'm sitting in front of a table. Around this table, I could bring the Latinos, the South Americans with all their passion and energy. We've got the Africans with their 'God says it, I believe it, let's do it' approach to life. We've got the Asians where phenomenal miracles and signs and wonders are taking place.

And it's done through Elim churches and it's just a blessing to be part of that.

I could take you to the suffering Church. It's there within Elim. They'll go to the borders of Afghan. They're right through Pakistan, northern India. They'll go to the borders of Iran, stand over those borders say God open the way. People are not afraid to lay their life down.

And they are around the table friends, and so are we.”


Elim has always been about nations. The Pentecostal movement around the world was birthed as an all nation, all age, all cultures, expression where God broke out.

Every tribe and tongue I'll pour out my spirit on all flesh, men and women, young and old, Jew and Gentile. Once we were out but now we're in, because God broke out of the familiar containment of a nation who thought it was only about them. And yet would call to be a light to the nations.

Chris Cartwright


“We've got every expression of church with an Elim Global and we're advancing into new nations. As we advance we find that God is there.

And God is saying go, but God is saying come. That's where we're heading and it's a joy and it's a great privilege. That's the vision for nations.”


Choose one of the countries that Elim missions works in and pray for that country. Pray for blessing and transformation.

Then pray for our missionaries. Pray that they would be resourced and supported. Pray that they would be empowered and envisioned afresh by the Holy Spirit for all that God has called them to. Pray for their health and their wholeness. Pray for their families and their communities.

Then thank God for the Elim Global family. Pray for continued unity as we seek to serve God together across his world.


Sarah Whittleston


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