ERA: Elim Relief Association

Providing emergency aid and support to areas in crisis.

The ERA (Elim Relief Association) gives aid and support where it is needed most.
Here are our current and past appeals:


2018 - Indonesian Earthquake Appeal

The Indonesian Island of Sulawasi was devastated by a powerful earthquake on Friday 28th September, which was followed by a catastrophic Tsunami.

 About the Indonesian Earthquake Appeal
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2017 - Dominica Hurricane Appeal

In September 2017 the island of Dominica was devastated by storm Maria.


2017 - Myanmar Appeal

Myanmar's Rohingya have been described by the UN as "the most friendless people in the world".


2017 - South Asian Flood Appeal

Working to provide aid through United Vision for Nepal (UVN) and Gospel Echoing Missionary Society (GEMS).


2017 - African Famine Appeal

Currently we are working to help the famine situation in East Africa.


2016 - Southern Africa Drought Appeal

In 2016, Southern Africa was the facing the worst drought in 35 years. Our appeal helped us provide vital food and other supplies to help some of the worst affected survive.


2016 - Refugee Crisis

Elim Missions raised money specifically to help those who were seeking refuge across europe. As well as supporting our missionaries and partners in mainland Europe we also sought to help prepare UK churches to recive refugees.

2015 - Refugees in Calais

In response to the growing refugee situation in Calais, Elim Missions
called on the Elim family to collect aid for those in the Jungle camp. We also sent teams to deliver aid and offer other support at the camp.

2015 - Nepal Earthquake

The devastating nepalese earthquake left over 7,000 dead and tens of thousands injured and homeless. Through our appeal we were able to give much needed resources to Elim Missionaries in Nepal helping people rebuild their lives.


2014 -Persecuted Christains in Iraq

Your giving not only provided for humanitarian needs but also the Spiritual needs of the people. We were able to give a portion of your donations to a team providing humanitarian aid in Iraq. They reported that one Imam, who has become so disillusioned with his faith, was seeking to spread the good news of Jesus Christ within the camp!

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