Elim Leaders Summit Online - May 2020

Watch the videos from the Elim Leaders Summit Online held in 2020.

Chris Cartwright shares a message on how God is awakening us to be more responsive to the moving, directing, presence and power of the Spirit.
Join with Elim Prayer’s Sarah Whittleston as she leads us in life-transforming prayer with Elim, for the Kingdom, for a fresh move of the Spirit.
Join James Glass as he leads us in a devotion based on John 9:1-7.
An honest and hopeful look at our theology that is relevant in today’s changing climate.
Carl and Dani Johnston highlight stories throughout Elim that will bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye.
Join Neil Hudson and Dave Newton as they take a unique glance at discipleship in an Elim context.
An interactive conversation led by Mark Pugh and guests who look at what has fundamentally changed in the world and what do these changes mean for the church?
Gavin Calver is the CEO of the Evangelical Alliance and has a burning passion to see the gospel reach every person in the UK.
Bex Roberts and Naomi Nelson (Limitless Kids) explore how to find your own creative niche and the tools you need to maximise your God-given creative potential.
How do you keep going as a leader when life is really tough, when your own health is starting to suffer?
Carl Johnston, Mark Ryan, John Lacy and Glen Podd discuss what are the priorities of a senior leader.
How do we support people in their emotional and mental health at this time, what role does faith play?
Watch the second edition of our 'Leadership Conversations' with Mark Ryan, Carl Johnston and Leon Evans.
Mark Greenwood presents a two-part series on evangelism.
Hear from our panel as we discuss how Elim as a movement can understand and work to tackle racism. An opportunity to listen, learn and take action.
Discover the ministry of Limitless ministries and watch this series on overcoming limitations with Tim Alford and Jamie Price.