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Rising Up A Generation

Engaging men of all ages, by exporing the potential to mentor a generation of radical disciples. The result? Men, resources and equipped, to impact the future.


Building A Spiritual Heritage

MPower is the process whereby one generation empowers the rising generations of sons, brothers and fathers in Elim to be authentic men in Christ, in life and in the Church.

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Wholeness for the future

Addressing the unique challenges of manhood and maculinity helping forge a plan and a purpose for future generations. MPower encourages the masculine journey into true wholeness for the future.

Can men get passionate about prayer? Nick Whittome, associate pastor at Birmingham City Church certainly thinks so.
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Mark Lyndon-Jones explains why prayer is top of the agenda this year and how you can be part of it.
Join with other men from across the nation at these special Mpower events.
Men love a challenge and none greater the call to follow Christ, says Mark Lyndon-Jones.
Men need to track how prayer transforms their circumstances, and even more importantly how the act of praying transforms themselves.