Creating videos on your phone

Learn the apps, tools and techniques you need to create dynamic and quality videos on your phone. Using accessible and creative platforms, create inspiring videos in different formats to play in your services or on social media. 

Watch this practical workshop to begin your adventure live on Thursday 19 May at 7.30 pm or afterwards on-demand on the Elim YouTube channel at


Enhance the impact of your church with the Elim Digital Masterclass series

These practical workshops are designed especially for your church leaders and teams to help them share Jesus online. Learn to navigate how you and your church can effectively communicate and connect with people online in the digital age of the 2020s. 

Invite your church teams to watch these inspiring masterclasses and get creative in using digital to share Jesus online. It may even inspire you to appoint some digital champions who help maximise digital as your new church front door, connecting and engaging with new people in the digital age.

View details of the sessions and find out more at


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