Responding to the Ukrainian Crisis

The heart-breaking scenes from Ukraine and the profound injustice of what is happening to the Ukrainian people leads us to want to respond. However, we are not always certain about what we can do to help.

There has already been a fantastic outpouring of giving from Elim churches to the Ukrainian people through our ERA emergency appeal. You can find out how to give at elim.org.uk/ukraine, and we thank God for such an outpouring of generosity and care.

Beyond giving generously, our heartfelt compassion extends to asking, ‘how can we welcome a stranger?’

How can we, God’s people, in our communities be safe havens for the refugees from Ukraine?

What does it look like for us, the Church, in our local congregations to respond, to come around Ukrainian people?

What do we have to offer as we become the hands and feet of Jesus in response to this humanitarian crisis?

How might we rediscover the Kingdom truth that in giving of ourselves, we become those who receive; that in blessing others, we become those who are blessed?



Establishing the Elim Refugee Network
to support Elim churches

Right now, an entire nation of displaced people requires safe places and communities with whom they can belong and among whom they can be restored.

Elim is working to help shape a response to this need from churches across the UK and have established the Elim Refugee Network, which will seek to support Elim churches and Elim members as they respond to this need.


How can I respond?


Homes for Ukraine scheme

Discover what is involved and what the expectations are for the Homes for Ukraine schemes. Register your interest to respond to the need as a local church or as individuals. This will help show the level of interest to the Government and we will make sure that responses from Elim churches are supported and coordinated.

Find out more and register online
GOV.UK Homes for Ukraine scheme  

Welcome Churches Network 

Sign up to the Welcome Churches Network. They help identify churches around the UK who are committed to welcoming refugees and asylum seekers helping them to easily find a church to welcome them into the community. There is no cost to register and they have great resources to help you as you get involved in this work.

Sign up online at welcomechurches.org/churches  


Plan as a team

Talk to your church leadership team about what you can do and how you can help. You don’t need to do everything, but together we can make a real difference.


Join our Elim Refugee Network Facebook Group

Make sure you are linked into the Elim Refugee Network Facebook group - where we will share ideas, encourage one another and learn from one another. We'll add videos and resources that will assist you and your church.

Join online at facebook.com/elimpentecostalchurches/groups  


Set up a prayer network across your church

Pray for the people of Ukraine and for all those involved in offering help, love and support to refugees.



Give generously

Elim has launched an emergency appeal to support those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. In partnership with Samaritan’s Purse, our Elim Missionaries in the area and our Elim Global National Leader Viktor, we will work together to support those impacted by this conflict.  

Please give generously online at elim.org.uk/ukraine