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A year with a difference

Mark Greenwood urges us to make 2022 the year to talk about Jesus.

I am really hopeful for 2022; the optimist in me is believing for the best.

I’m hoping  that we have amazing opportunities to tell our friends and family about Jesus whatever the year brings.

My own personal experience of lockdown is that I have had more conversations with people about Jesus, and whilst people are asking the same questions they always ask, I am noticing there is greater willingness to listen to the answers.

I am praying with my friends, seeing them go to church and seeing them want to go on Alpha.

This has been one massive blessing to come out of the carnage of Covid-19.

Will you join with me in seeking to maximise the opportunity before us and go all out to tell this really good news of Jesus?

As my friend Gregg Downes said at our evangelism and church planting conference, ‘nothing can stop the gospel’. Let’s go.

I don’t know what your hopes and expectations for 2022 are but why not make a decision to tell more people about Jesus.

If you feel nervous about doing that, take my free personal faith-sharing course.

It’s called Boot Camp Lite and you can get it free at

Praying that you will see many meet Jesus in 2022. 

Ideas to help you maximise 2022

Give something away
I have written a new book especially to help people start conversations.

My neighbour called it ‘a masterpiece’ saying ‘it made me realise I need to read more’.

He took himself to church a few times after this. It’s also led to me being able to pray for him in my garden and it’s definitely accelerated and deepened our faith-conversation.

Invite to Alpha
Why not run Alpha in your own home?

We often think of Alpha as being a big, together-with-others course, which is great, but actually it can be really effective running it with your friends or neighbours with just you.

The video films are great in whatever context, but watching them on your own TV with friends is perfect.

Do a home event
Get your friends together, both those who follow Jesus and those who don’t to just enjoying being together.

You don’t need to do a talk but can if you want.

Maybe share your testimony, but if you do, make sure your non-Christian friends know you are going to do it.

First published in the December 2021/January 2022 issue of Direction, Elim’s monthly magazine. Subscribe now to get Direction delivered to your home.

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