The way of transformation

How do we announce the news of God’s coming Kingdom to a culture that seems oblivious, uninterested and opposed to the message?

How do we sing the songs of Zion while sitting on the banks of the river in Babylon? Israel captives asked this question thousands of years ago as exiles and foreigners in a land they didn’t recognize or like.

The question is a good and relevant one for us in today’s world. How do we announce the news of God’s coming Kingdom to a culture that seems oblivious, uninterested and opposed to the message? There is loads of practical hope in the instructions and example of Paul as he spread the Good News in foreign and even hostile cultures.

Using one particular example Danielle will explore how we can engage our culture in genuine and relevant ways without giving in to the temptation of assimilation or the alluring safety of defensive separation. It’s time to sing again.


  1. What troubles me or causes me distress as I look at the culture around me?
  2. When I don’t know how to respond to the culture around me, do I have a tendency to choose assimilation or separation?
  3. Do I allow the fear of losing connections to hold me back from the possibility of transformation?


  1. As we think about those things that trouble or distress us, what are those things that God may be inviting us to figure out within our context?
  2. What would it look like for us to engage with culture, rather than just separate or completely assimilate?
  3. What are those bold steps that God may be inviting us to take in order that our connections lead to transformation?


  1. What is one thing I will do to listen, learn and live differently?

Danielle Strickland


Currently based in Toronto, Canada, Danielle Strickland is the proud mum of 3 boys, and wife to Stephen. Her podcast is listened to by thousands globally, and she’s on the teaching team at The Meeting House. Her aggressive compassion has served people firsthand in countries all over the world.

From establishing justice departments and church plants to launching global anti-trafficking initiatives, to creating new initiatives to mobilise people towards transformational spiritual life. Danielle trains, advocates, and inspires people to live differently through her many initiatives and books.


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