28 June 2021

Gather, pray and go - Limitless Festival 2021

One of the greatest challenges that our churches have faced as a result of the pandemic is in the area of youth ministry. There is a growing amount of evidence that young people have struggled to engage online, with many not participating regularly in church online programmes or activities.

So this summer the Limitless team are hosting an event on 6-7 August to help local youth groups gather again with the Limitless Festival 2021. This event is designed to serve as a framework for our church youth groups to create new shared memories together.


We are excited at the prospect of mobilising young people from hundreds of Elim churches across the UK to go out into their communities through mission and social action, all at the same time. Imagine the impact we could have together across the UK! At Limitless Festival 2021, we're going to gather, pray and go.


After so long apart we are dedicating Limitless Festival 2021 to helping you, as a youth group, reconnect. It will help youth groups to remember what it's like to look each other in the eye and laugh to stand side by side and worship together. So let's gather together - locally and online nationally.


The pandemic may have prevented us from meeting together, but it does not prevent the kingdom of God from advancing. So we're not going to shrink back feeling sorry for ourselves. No, we are going to seek a move of God's spirit in our communities. So let's pray - together locally and online nationally.


And then we're going to get out of our buildings and go into our communities to demonstrate the love of God through mission and through social action. Imagine the impact that we can have together across the UK. So let's go - together locally and online nationally. 

At Limitless Festival 2021, we're going to gather, pray and go. That means we're going to be hosting some online sessions to help us gather together nationally and giving you a free resource full of creative ideas to help you gather to pray and go locally.

So go to limitlessfestival.co.uk where you can view the full program and download the resource to make the most of this event in your local church, youth group and community.

Limitless Festival 2021 - let's gather, pray and go - together locally and online nationally.

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