The Really Good News about this new initiative

Elim’s new online mission programme could be the biggest evangelistic outreach we’ve ever done. 

As we gear up for Easter, Mark Greenwood gives the lowdown on the campaign.

"I’m excited! If we get this right, the sheer number of people we can reach with the gospel is incredible,” says Mark Greenwood.

He is discussing Elim’s new four-month, three-part online mission programme, Really Good News, which is now in full swing and running until July.

"It’s not the first time Elim has launched something like this", Mark explains, "because churches were offered a package of online resources last year through the Elim Summertime and Elim Christmastime programmes.

"With three parts to the line-up this time – a month of daily snapshot testimony videos, online Easter services and a national Alpha course – Really Good News offers a much bigger programme.

"It’s also an exciting taste of the future.

"This isn’t a one-off – it’s a recognition for Elim that the online world is here to stay. We’re going to be moving forward with online mission, and Really Good News is the beginning of us having a strategic and intentional presence that will help people find Jesus."

"Just think – if every person in an Elim church invited or shared the gospel with one person through Really Good News, we would reach as many people with the gospel as attend Elim churches."

Here's a look inside Really Good News, and what's on offer to share with your churches, friends and family. 

Part  1 – March to April - video testimonies

Every day in the run-up to Easter a short, lively video testimony is being released via social media and on Elim’s website, showing how God has impacted lives in varied and remarkable ways. These videos will be included in the Really Good News Easter services and Alpha too. Check them out at and share them via social media.

Part 2 – Easter Weekend - online Easter services

Pre-recorded Easter services will be broadcast on Elim’s YouTube channel and will also be available to download as a whole or as separate elements. The line-up includes a Good Friday morning service, a kids’ Easter presentation on Easter Saturday morning, and an Easter service on Sunday morning. Then on Sunday evening, Elim has partnered with J.John to produce Sharing Easter, an evangelistic programme with contributors including Bear Grylls, Darlene Zschech, Graham Kendrick and Noel Robinson. 

Part 3 – April to July - Elim's National Alpha Course

From May to July, Elim will run a national Alpha course.

How will this work? At the start of each session, Elim churches from across the UK will join a live session hosted by Mark Greenwood, with different churches spotlighted each week (think Alpha meets Comic Relief, he says). Then it’s over to individual churches to deliver the Alpha video over Zoom. Alpha’s creator Nicky Gumbel is enthusiastic about the plan and says online Alphas have been hugely successful. 

A message from J. John

"I have been reminded of the following verse from Psalm 60: 'You have shaken our land and split it open. Seal the cracks, for the land trembles.'

"I believe the world was truly shaken in 2020. We are praying that God would now move to seal the cracks across our world and that revival would be sparked.

"I am reminded, too, of the famous testimony from Acts 4: 'After this prayer, the meeting place shook, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit. Then they preached the Word of God with boldness.'

"We have been shaken in the last year, but we are praying for a real spiritual shaking across our nation. We are praying for revival.

"It was so encouraging that 1,398 churches registered for our Share Christmas initiative. We were delighted to see the good news of Jesus our Saviour presented through so many churches and ministries around the world.

"Building on this initiative, we are delighted to launch Share Easter. Our prayer and hope is that you will find these resources helpful in reaching as many people as possible and helping them in their journey of faith."

Can't see the above video, watch it here.


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