Exhibit at the Elim Leaders Summit Online 

Elim Leaders Summit Online is a 2-day online event to which ministers of over 560 churches within the Elim movement engage.

Held on 23-24 June 2021, we expect to see over 800 delegates on our online platform engaging with the live event plus many more catching up at their own pace with the on-demand content.

We have various advertising opportunities for you to purchase to get your brand and message in front of all our delegates and ministers across the movement.

Many of the delegates will be the final purchasing influencers at their churches, which makes this the ideal opportunity for your organisation.

Advertising opportunities

Online Sponsor Banner - £400

We have just 10 sponsor banners available. These will be rolling, 24 hours a day at 5-second intervals for 4 weeks for all guests to see whether for the live event or catching up with the on-demand content. That’s 720 times per hour and 483,840 times your banner will be shown over the full course of the event platforms life.

You can link directly to your website from your banner. So be creative and make a webpage that will entice our guests to get in touch with you.

Digital Brochure

Full Page - £400

Half Page - £300

Our digital programme will be hosted on our event’s website and made available to all the ministers, youth minister and children’s ministers across the movement. That’s a lot of people who will see your advert.

This will be made available before the event as well as during and after the event creating maximised opportunities for our guests to engage with your advert.

In Event Video - £400

Only 5 available

That’s right, we want to play YOUR video during our event either immediately before or after one of the sessions. This can be up to 45 seconds long and we will show it once over the course of the event. The advert will stay in the content for on-demand viewing.

Check our Terms & Conditions

Find artwork and video specifications here

Got questions - get in touch at els@elim.org.uk