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Over the last 18 months, Elim and Regents Theological College have become custodians of four substantial Pentecostal history archive collections. It is a truly remarkable collection unmatched outside of the USA.

These Pentecostal archive collections include:

  • Desmond Cartwright archive - Elim historical collection
  • New Frontiers archive - recent addition containing the New Frontiers story
  • Tony Cauchi collection - renowned Pentecostal historian's collection of books, pictures and articles
  • Donald Gee Foundation - superb archive of British Pentecostal history

The artefacts, documents, photos and records from these collections have been added to the Regents archive study centre, and have proved to be a fascinating resource for people interested in the Elim story and the history of Pentecostalism. It's an excellent resource for researchers, journalists and Regents students.

With the increasing interest in church history, it's difficult to join a discussion if you have no real appreciation of how it started and developed.  That is why Regents Theological College take its responsibility of stewarding the Pentecostal Archives so seriously.

“History is not just about what has been, but it helps us to make sense of who we are today and what we may become in the future.”

SIMO FRESTADIUS (Director of the Institute of Pentecostal Theology)


“It is inspiring to see what the Lord has done over the last century … that helps us to understand the past as well as preparing us for the future.”

WILLIAM KAY (Pentecostal Scholar & IPT Research Fellow)


“It is almost impossible to over-estimate the importance of such an archival centre to Elim… it has been invaluable to my recent research and publication.”

MALDWYN JONES (Elim’s Historian)


“Choose to remember, choose to be inspired and choose to inspire others.”

JOHN USHER (Research Fellow & Archivist)


John Usher, the Regents archivist, explains more about the archive


Help keep Pentecostal history alive

Would you help us keep our Pentecostal history alive for the generations to come by donating to our Pentecostal Archives Appeal?

Your donation will help us fund:

  • Staff time to catalogue and digitise materials
  • Relocation, storage and display of collections
  • Research, publications and events
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