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11th January 2021


Limitless Festival 2021 will not be going ahead in-person on Stafford Showground this coming summer. In recent weeks it has become clear that, in spite of the COVID vaccine roll-out and projections of lockdown restrictions being incrementally lifted, it will not be possible to safely gather 5000 people in close proximity in August. As much as we are desperate to gather together with you all again, ensuring everyone involved stays healthy & well is more important to us than ensuring Limitless Festival goes ahead.

If you would like to understand something more of the reasoning behind this decision, we have laid that out for you in some detail below. But before we get to that, there’s three important things we’d love for you to do now…



Our team is working on a compelling alternative to Limitless Festival for all of us to engage in together from 6-10 August this year. So keep those dates in your diary and keep your eyes on our @LimitlessElim social channels for more on news about that in the coming months.


We will be gathering together at Stafford Showground on 6th-10th August 2022. Can you imagine how powerful it will be when we finally overcome these present challenges and come together as one?


Here’s the good news: your group booking as been automatically transferred to Limitless Festival 2022… so thanks for booking in early! 

In all seriousness, what we want more than anything is for you and your group to be with us again next year, so if at all possible we would be incredibly grateful if you were able to hold your booking for 2022. It’s worth noting that, if you do carry your booking forward to next year, you will be able to amend that booking and the ticket holder details as the Festival draws near - so it will save you a fair bit of admin work down the line! However, we understand that these are financially challenging times for everyone, so if you do need to request a refund then we will absolutely honour that of course. Please contact events@limitlesselim.co.uk and we will issue you a form.


Whilst the Prime Minister’s announcement of a lockdown exit strategy did give some hope that we might be able to proceed with Limitless Festival in Stafford, a number of critical factors ultimately dictated the only option was to cancel the in-person version of the event….

Young people are not scheduled to be vaccinated
Even if the timelines on the exit road map are met, under 18 year-old's will not be vaccinated against COVID-19 by August. It therefore feels highly irresponsible to assemble thousands of unvaccinated delegates in close proximity, putting their health, and subsequently the health of their loved ones, at risk.

Confidence of delegates
Whilst we understand that many young people and leaders would be ‘chomping at the bit’ to go to a festival, it is equally true to say that others will remain more cautious, even once the restrictions are lifted. This is an important consideration because, in order to make Limitless Festival accessible to everyone we keep the cost of the tickets extremely low, and therefore need a large number of delegates to attend in order to cover the costs of the event.

Confidence of volunteer team
What can be said of delegates is also true of team members. Limitless Festival requires a huge team of 550 volunteers to run the event. Assembling a team of this scale shortly after restrictions are lifted may be problematic, with some volunteers choosing to stay away from large-scale gatherings until the vaccine roll-out is entirely complete.

Event Insurance
As it stands there is no insurance available for events cancelled for reasons related to COVID. Therefore a last minute cancellation due to a delay to the COVID exit strategy, or a new strain of the virus, would put the event in serious jeopardy for future years. Thus, a decision to cancel this year protects the long-term future of Limitless Festival for everyone.

Event guidance
There is a very tight timeline between government test events taking place and the official Event Guidelines being issued. There are two factors in play-here. Firstly, Limitless has neither the time nor staffing capacity to act on the implications of this guidance by August 2021. And secondly, the test events being run by the government are dependent on mass-testing programmes being put in place. To run a testing programme such as this at Limitless Festival would be costly, thus increasing the price of the ticket, which in turn would decrease the accessibility of the event for delegates in what is a financially challenging period of time for everyone.

Delay to the dates set out in the lockdown exit road map
The dates set out in the Prime Minister’s exit strategy were the earliest restrictions would be lifted. It was very clear that the government would be led by ‘data not dates.’ With that in mind, even a four week delay to the timeline would render the event impossible to run.

I understand that this will do little to allay the disappointment of this news, but I hope it at least goes some way to informing you of why this decision had to be made.


Finally, though it’s sad that we won’t be gathering as one big community in the summer, I want us to remember again that we serve a Limitless God. God is so much bigger than one event, and though the coronavirus pandemic may have prevented Limitless Festival from running for a couple of years, it does not prevent the kingdom of God from advancing.

I’m reminded by the words Jesus himself spoke to his friend Peter: “I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

So let’s stay together, let’s spur one another on, let’s not shrink back. Because together, we are limitless….

Tim Alford
LIMITLESS National Director

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