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27th April 2021

LIMITLESS FESTIVAL 2021 encourages you to Gather, Pray & Go...

After so long being apart, we’re dedicating Limitless Festival 2021 to helping you reconnect as a youth group again; to remember what it’s like to look one another in the eye and laugh together, and to create shared memories as we GATHER, PRAY and GO.

That means we’ll be hosting online sessions to bring us together nationally, and giving you a free resource full of creative ideas to help you GATHER, PRAY and GO, locally.

How will it work? Check out this video which explains all!


So let’s gather together, let’s pray for a move of God in our nation, let’s create shared memories together again as we go out into our communities and make a difference.
Limitless Festival 2021 - GATHER, PRAY, GO. Together locally, online nationally.
With much love,

Tim Alford
LIMITLESS National Director

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