Churches join Elim's National Alpha Online

Elim churches are joining together for Elim's first national online evangelism event which culminates in running Alpha Online.

Many churches have developed and extended their online presence during 2020 as a vital way of engaging and connecting both with their local community and a worldwide audience. Even when physical, in-person services are permitted during the coronavirus pandemic, many churches have chosen to adopt a 'digital first' approach, making their events easily accessible to both their online and in-person audiences.

As part of this digital transformation,  Alpha has developed an online version of its course as a free and easy-to-use tool to help engage people in local communities with the gospel. Alpha Online has created a space for people to connect with others online to watch a series of high-quality video episodes and explore the Christian faith together utilising online discussion groups.

After running over 90 in-person Alpha courses and several online, Nicky Gumbel who pioneered Alpha has been absolutely astonished by how much more accessible Alpha Online is.

Talking to Mark Greenwood, Elim's National Evangelist, about Elim churches running Alpha Online, Nicky Gumbel said, “The Elim Pentecostal Church, we absolutely love! And the contribution of the Pentecostal church to our own church and to the global church has been phenomenal. I couldn't be more thrilled and honoured to think of them running Alpha Online.”

When asked about how effective Alpha Online is, Nicky commented, “I always said that I didn't think Alpha would work online. Alpha is about the meal, the relationships, the weekend away. How can you do that online? I couldn't have been more wrong!

Nicky and his wife Pippa have now run several Alpha Online small groups and has been astonished by how successful they have been.

“I'd been saying that Alpha Online works as well as Alpha in-person. I'm now tempted to say Alpha Online works better.”

In this video interview, discover five reasons why Nicky Gumbel believes this to be true.

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Elim churches sign up for our national Alpha Online

Wednesdays 21 April - 7 July at 7.30pm

Alpha Online is a chance to ask the big questions and explore the Christian faith in a fun, relaxed online environment. Each evening, guests get to listen to a short talk presented either on video or live streamed, followed by an online Zoom discussion group with a small group of other people exploring the big questions about life.

Many Elim churches across the nation plan to host Alpha Online and they can sign up to our National Alpha Online here. Once registered, Elim Reach will help them to plan the event, form a team, promote it and get ready for springboarding Alpha off the back of your church's Easter weekend events. This is part of Elim's massive online outreach campaign called Really Good News.

Daily personal story videos shared during March

1 -30 March

Throughout the month of March, we will post a daily Really Good News video where someone shares their story of how Jesus has impacted and changed their life. Everyone's encounter with Jesus is personal to them and we think you will find their stories powerful and insightful.

You'll find them posted across our social media channels at the start of each day during March. You can share them on your personal and church social media channels along with a link to the guest page on your church website. That's where you can provide easy ways for people to connect with your church services, groups and community.

Four special Easter services

2-4 April

Easter is a special time in the Christian calendar, marking the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So over the Easter weekend, many Elim churches across the nations will broadcast a series of four special Easter videos. These include a Good Friday morning service, a programme for kids on Saturday morning, as well as Easter Sunday morning and evening services. These will also appear on Elim's YouTube channel.

Sharing Really Good News

Join with Elim churches and leader across the nations for this Really Good News campaign and help us share the good news of Jesus. Mark Greenwood explains how all these different elements work together and how Elim churches can get involved.

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