Digital is here to stay and it changes everything.
Because online is the NEW mission field.

During the global pandemic, churches moved their services and activities online.

For many, this is a new adventure in exploring what live streaming looks like and how it can be utilised to build community and strengthen relationships.

But this new adventure into the digital world is just the start!

We are all connected online with phones, laptops, tablets, watches and smart televisions shaping our lives and relationships with each other.

And if people are there, the church should be too with the really good news of Jesus. The message never changes, but the methods and tools must adapt to the culture we live in.

Whether you are just starting out online or maybe you are further ahead in using digital; watch the Elim Digital Conference online and you will find learning lessons to implement in your own church.

Navigate how you and your church can effectively communicate and connect with people online in the digital age of the 2020s. 

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Watch any of the sessions by selecting them from the list below


Welcome from Chris Cartwright - Church digital landscape

If people are online, the church should be there too. Looking at the 2021 landscape for churches to embrace the online world to reach people for Jesus.


Using digital tools to build church community

How can we practically and strategically use social media, live streaming and Mobile Apps for discipleship and to strengthen church communities?


Take your church live stream to another level

Looking at the suite of options to suit every budget and technical skill and how to create a ‘feel’ and ‘look’ for your live stream.  Download presentation  


How do we take prayer online?

Utilising online tools to mobilise and energise your church and the wider community in prayer. From large scale events to city prayer events and local church programmes.


Using social media for your church

Stuck on what to post on Facebook? Come away with bags full of ideas, tips and creativity with insights from across Elim and other churches across the UK.


How to use Facebook adverts for your church

Utilise Facebook Ads effectively and creatively to share the Gospel and tell your community about your church events. Download presentation  


How do we take church children’s work online?

Get creative as you take your children’s work online! A session for all those engaged with this area of work, and those who just don’t know where to start.


What is church youth work like online?

Connecting with a generation who are already very connected. Ideas and tips from a panel of youth pastors who share what has been working in their church.


Voice technology and the church

How can we utilise emerging technologies such as Alexa apps to share about Jesus? What future innovations are out there?


Using TikTok as a church

With over 17 million users in the UK, TikTok is one of the fastest growing platforms particularly with the next generation. Should we start posting videos on there?


Church worship and digital – ideas and creativity

Worship online is different, but still so powerful. Hear from Elim Worship Leaders on what has been working, as well as tips and ideas for your church Worship Team.


Integrating digital as part of our church vision

How do we integrate digital as part of our church vision? Why does digital matter to our present and future church programmes post COVID-19?


Digital surgery – live event with interactive questions

Got any digital question on your mind? Wondering how to do something or what approach is best? Get answers from our live expert panel.


Take that next step with church digital – final reflections

Where do we begin in our digital adventure? Matt  shares a final encouraging message as you creatively use digital and online tools in your church.

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Because online is the NEW mission field