Discover what it takes to serve as a chaplain in the Royal Navy

Chris Shimmen served in the Royal Marines for fifteen years before taking a step of faith in 2010 and pursuing a strong call to full-time ministry.

Chris was selected to become a Royal Marines recruit troop instructor at a young age and subsequently went on to be promoted to Sergeant, before training as a Jungle Warfare Instructor. As the government used this time to hone him into a dependable elite soldier, God, in His sovereignty, was training Chris in the ways of Him and faith.


In pursuit of this strong call into full-time ministry; high net-worth individuals and corporations around the world employed Chris in various roles as a bodyguard, risk mitigation adviser and operations officer.

He served as an associate minister in London (Kensington Temple) for 5 years and simultaneously pioneered a men’s discipleship group and founded an outdoor survival team building and leadership weekends.

Chris now serves as a full-time military chaplain and also brings a unique perspective to Elim’s MPower leadership team.

Hear what it means to be a Royal Navy chaplain and discover Chris's story in this interview with Stuart Blount.

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