Carriers of compassion, comfort and hope

Join Malcolm Duncan as he speaks to inspire chaplains with this message about being carriers of compassion, comfort and hope - chaplaincy and presence in a pandemic world.

“Chaplaincy brings with it the privilege of being present as God’s representative somehow,” explains Malcolm Duncan.

“Being present to other human beings, to see and hear what they are going through and what they are facing, and to be allowed the privilege of that, is one of the greatest privileges of ministry in any ministry context.”

Malcolm Duncan is the lead minister at Dundonald Elim Church and he is passionate about the importance of Christians being ‘good news people’. Malcolm is also a broadcaster, a writer and actively engaged in a number of areas of advocacy. He serves on the boards and advisory groups of a number of churches, charities and businesses.

This message was featured in the recent United Chaplains Conference, a joint event run by AoG GB and Elim. It is introduced by Nigel Tween, director of the Elim Chaplaincy Association, and includes worship lead by Elim Sound's Helen Yousaf.

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