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Elim's desire is to see the power of the gospel transform society and individuals through the actions and prayers of mature, committed, confident disciples of Jesus.

Churches that make disciples will be healthy churches and these churches are the ones that are most likely to see sustained growth over years.

But which good practices really help disciples to be formed most effectively?

Every church situation is unique: formed and shaped by a distinct set of gifts, circumstances and history, but there will be principles at work in each model of good practice that can help people in other situations benefit.

So Elim, in conjunction with The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, commissioned research into what it takes to make disciples in a local church. 

The project worked with 16 churches across the UK and took place between October 2019-February 2020, interviewing Senior Pastors, conducting a quantitative survey with 828 individuals in the churches followed by a focus group in each church which offered qualitative responses.

Discover the research findings

The research findings are presented below in a video presentation, along with downloadable slides and report. Please share the video and downloads with your leadership team to assist your discussions on how you can further enhance how you make disciples in your church community.

To help your leadership understand the research findings and take the next steps in discipleship making, we've also organised three follow up webinars for ministers and leaders.

Discipleship distinctives with Neil Hudson and Dave Newton

Elim has conducted a research project in partnership with the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC) into Making Disciples. Watch Neil Hudson (Salford Elim Church & LICC) who has been leading the research along with 19 Elim churches and Dave Newton (Elim Training & RTC) as they take a unique glance at what the research says about discipleship in an Elim context.

  Download presentation slides   Download research findings

Making disciples webinars

Following the presentation of this research at the Elim Leaders Summit Online in May 2020, it was clear that the findings resonated with leaders and that the themes would benefit from further exploration. To help Elim ministers and leaders reflect on what has been learnt, develop practices of ministry that help people grow and discuss what are some best practices, the following webinars have been organised.

These three 'Making Disciples' webinars will take place in October and November. They are linked and we encourage to join all three sessions, but you can engage with them as single events. Access details will be provided to Elim ministers by Elim Training prior to each webinar.


Helping people know their why

Wednesday 14 October – 10.00 am

As leaders, we all know how important it is for us to work out our purpose as a church together. Otherwise, we just drift. The same is true for every individual in your church, they need to discover their why - their purpose.

This webinar will explore these questions amongst others:

  • How can we do this for everyone in the church - is it possible? Is it reasonable?
  • What would happen if everyone did know their why?
  • Does it reduce people's commitment to a common vision?
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Developing compelling small group ministry

Thursday 12 November – 10.00 am

We all know that small groups are important, but many of us struggle to encourage people to join them. Often they drift along as fellowship hubs but seem to lack any compelling purpose. The research suggests that they are game-changers for people, but only if they have a clear purpose. We will look at what makes for compelling small group life.
This webinar will explore these questions among others:

  • What makes for a great group?
  • How do we ensure that they sit at the heart of church life?
  • How do we keep groups on track?
  • How do we help leaders stay fresh?
  • Are there alternatives to the traditional small group approach?
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Your workplace, your mission

Thursday 26 November – 10.00 am

Every person in your church who is engaged in a workplace is an agent of the Kingdom of God in alien territory. How do we help people gain a vision for their work, their workplace and their ministry there that may include sharing the gospel with colleagues but also goes way beyond that? What does it mean for preaching, pastoral care and prayer?
This webinar will explore these questions among others:

  • What helps people get a vision for their workplace?
  • What is the role of church leadership in equipping and supporting people at work?
  • What does mission look like in the workplace?
  • Are there strategies for evangelism that might help people be courageous witnesses to Jesus?
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