Sharon's News from Chad - April 2018

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I am in N'Djamena! I am excited and scared at the same time. Excited because after two years of preparation I am finally about to begin to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations.It is daunting but my life’s experience confirms that with God’s help, it will be fine.In my last newsletter I told you that things were really coming together nicely. In this letter you will see that I have arrived in Chad!

Good Byes

sharon1Sunday 8th April was the formal ‘goodbye’ from my church. To mark this, with a group of 14, we presented the royal lineage of Jesus using Chronological Bible Storying. This enabled the congregation to have a clearer insight into what my role entails. It also demonstrated a means of presenting the story of the Bible in a vivid way to the surrounding home culture.

Departure and Arrival

sharondennisAfter months of chucking out, packing up and contacting various bodies, I am finally here! I left Heathrow airport on Tuesday 24th April. There were last minute changes to the airline carrier and route, but my luggage and I arrived safe and sound.

Thank you to the staff in Chad for keeping me in the loop with relevant developments over the past few months and for the welcome received!

Role in Chad

The first few months in country will see me primarily based in N’Djamena. During this time I will have oversight of the Guest House whilst getting to grips with the culture and building relationships. I will be working closely with the SIL member with responsibility for Scripture Engagement.

Prayer Points

Praise God for

  • My family and good friends
  • All the supporters who have made this step possible.
  • My boss and work colleagues(2017). Thank you!
  • Time spent in America with my sister. Something we prayed for!
  • House sorted and rented. What a relief!
  • Health checks, vaccinations now fine

Please pray

  • That I will not be bogged down by any bugs or things of that nature
  • For good relationship with all those with whom I will be working
  • For good cultural awareness and sensitivity


Thank you to everyone for your on-going prayer and financial support. If you would like to become one of my supporters, please follow the link below.

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