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Updated 21/12/20 9:00 am

ENGLAND: From Sunday 20 December 2020, the National Youth Agency (England) has confirmed that the youth sector has moved into the following readiness framework and full updated guidance can be found here. As of 5th January 2021, the whole of England is RED.

  • Tier 4: RED for all age ranges - All ages ranges should use our new Tier 4 Red Readiness Framework
  • Tiers 1-3: Under 18yrs AMBER
  • Tiers 1-3: 18yrs and over RED

SCOTLAND: Youthlink Scotland has stated that with the news over the weekend from the Scottish Government, they await an update on any potential enhanced restrictions for the delivery of youth work services from the period from Boxing Day to 18 January. Any announcement about an update should be published here.

The Limitless team has reviewed the latest NYA guidance and updated Limitless youth leaders.



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