Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance

A summary of the latest guidance

Following the advice for re-opening places of worship provided by the UK governmentand respective devolved administrations in Northern Ireland, ScotlandWales , Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, we are continuing to review and update guidance for our churches and ministers. 

We are still in a phase where there is a cautious approach as restrictions to limit the transmission of Covid-19 are progressively eased in each region.

Public safety, both individual and community, remains paramount. It is still vital that the necessary hygiene and social distancing precautions are kept in place in order to protect the NHS and save lives. Individuals are encouraged to follow the guidance issued by the government and NHS

COVID-19 Vaccines - FAQs, papers, videos and resources

More detailed advice and resources are available for all Elim leaders and ministers on ElimNET.