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Everyday Brave 

I don’t what brave looks like to you. Maybe it’s running a marathon, a parachute jump or moving countries. But sometimes brave doesn’t always look like big steps! Sometimes brave can be small steps done in the everyday.

Last week one of our worship leaders came with his Sunday setlist. Like all of us, he had his own preferred songs that he would choose from but in the previous week the Holy Spirit had been prompting him towards the song - ‘Another in the fire’ by Hillsong. The song was not a regular or natural choice, he felt the rhythm was a bit beyond him and if we was to lead it he really wanted to master it on his acoustic as well as his vocal. 

Our church have been worshipping with this song for months but this guy had a choice and he made a brave one. He followed the prompting, rehearsed the song till it was part of him, pushed through on the acoustic till it flowed through him and as he came into practice and then service, though his knees were knocking, he went for it! I watched him shake off his own quiet limitations and ‘we’ the church got the blessing of what God wanted him to carry to us.

As we regrouped at the end we thanked God for how He had revealed himself through the service and I was quick to honour my friend for taking the ‘brave - push though - practice much - carry more’ steps. He literally shone with the encouragement. 

So here’s the invitation to us all ... amidst the sometimes safe everyday steps of what our own unique worshipful lives can look like ... keep making strong moves and taking brave steps. Break free of your own limited thinking, follow the promptings, take new ground and be everyday brave! 

Psalm 31:24

All you who put your hope in the Lord be strong and brave.

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