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The very atmosphere was charged with nerves as my pupils prepared to walk into their music exams today.  As I walked in behind their tentative little footsteps my role was accompanist, cheerleader and in true teacher style I chorused the following all afternoon ‘I believe in you, you can do this, go for it kid!

By definition when we play and serve in such a role we’re providing a musical accompaniment to another musician or to a singer and when I think back to last Sunday that’s exactly how I served the designated worship leader. 

He chose the songs and I watched him for the cues, the repeats, the links, the transitions and the moments of waiting. I caught the eye of the band as we journeyed through the set and some encouraging smiles and nods were exchanged as we made sure to accompany and support the big picture of the service. It was like a dance.   Amidst the leading and following there was worshipping.

And here was the whisper from the seat of accompaniment ... how good are we at following? Yes there are times in music, as well as in life, that we’re required to take lead position but let’s never forget there is so much to learn from the ‘second chair’, the chair of support, encouragement and accompaniment. 

So where are you sitting today? Are you in a seat of leadership? If you are stop for a minute and think about the ones who are accompanying and accommodating you. Thank them and appreciate them.  And what about those who in the seat of accompaniment? Keep following, listening and sharpening those cheerleading skills, every note and step is serving a bigger picture! But above all beyond may the dance of leading and following be crowned with the glory of God’s presence as we worship Him with our gifts! 

Psalm 138:2

I bow down before your divine presence and bring you my deepest worship as I experience your tender love and your living truth ...

I don’t what brave looks like to you. Maybe it’s running a marathon, a parachute jump or moving countries. But sometimes brave doesn’t always look like big steps!
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