Counting down your top 10 videos from 2019

Which of our videos did you view the most in 2019? Discover the top 10 videos that you may have missed or might want to watch again.

Which ones did you enjoy the most? Which ones didn't make this list? What would you like to watch in 2020?

10. Chris Cartwright's 2019 New Year Message

9. Announcing the main speakers at Elim Leaders Summit 2020

8. Engage Prayer - Join the Elim family online on Thursday 19 September 2019

7. Spirt-led. Servant-minded. Shepherd-hearted

6. Press on - Gavin Calver

5. Learning the lessons intended for us - Phil Hills

4. Back to Bethlehem - Hayley Barrett

3. Give me 5 - Dan Lian

2. One movement, one mission, one generation - Chris Cartwright

1. Building a prayer culture in local church - James Aladiran

Which ones did you enjoy the most? Which ones did you like that didn't make this list? What would you like to see in 2020?

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Following the overwhelming success of the inaugural Engage Prayer online prayer event, where thousands joined together in prayer, two new events are announced for 2020.
At the start of the 2020s, Elim is as committed as ever to advance together in mission.
Elim's National Leadership Team are inviting Elim leaders and ministers to join them at one of a series of ADVANCE national leaders days as Elim calls every Elim leader and church to advance into fresh mission.
Every January, Limitless draws together Elim's youth and children's workers for an annual gathering. Pray for them as they meet next week in Malvern.
Discover the latest vacancies at Elim International Centre in Malvern. Who do you know that could fill these roles?

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