Reeve's Supporters Newsletter -  October 2019

We are Different but One

This was the theme of this years United Nations Day celebration. Again, we were astounded by the tremendous amount of work that went into the preparations for this event. From decorating of the newly re-roofed Church building, to the amazing costumes designed and created by the parents and ‘last but not least’ the effort put in by the children for the dances and talent contest.

United Nations Day Celebration


Mr & Miss Australia / Thailand

At the end of October, we celebrated United Nations day with a special event at the school. The children presented dances and there was a competition for “Little Mr and Miss UN”. Selected children wore traditional dress of different countries, all made from recyclable materials, did dancing and a question and answer section. The designs were so imaginative, and parents created amazing costumes. Considering the children are only 3 and 4 years of age they did incredibly well, and the event was great fun. The winners for 2019 were Queenie for Miss Africa and Cleo for Mr Argentina.


Mr & Miss Africa / Argentina

Alpha Courses in Schools

This month we started Alpha courses for the higher grades in a local elementary school and a local high school. We are supported by some of the church youth who help with interpreting and will support with the follow up.

The first sessions have gone really well, and students are interested and engaging in the discussions. Some have shared struggles in their lives, one girl of around 16yrs old shared having a child of 2 years old at home while she continues her studies. We are finding that the older children have a good grasp of English, so we are able to lead some groups to support facilitating this. We also have the opportunity to provide lunch for the students attending. It wouldn’t be Alpha without food!

Please remember these children in your prayers and all the facilitators. We pray that more schools will open doors for us to run Alpha courses there as well.


The Alpha course with the parents of the pre-school children has a few more sessions left. We are starting to see a change in hearts of some attending, and some are attending church.

City Gates Church, Coron

It is exciting that this month has seen the roof of the church being replaced with a corrugated metal roof, previously it has had palm leaf roof and also a tarpaulin roof neither of which have lasted, due to the sun and weather here in Coron. The funds were raised from the Mr & Miss United Nations event. It is a great space and is not only to be used for Sunday Services but also for the pre-school in the week and for the weekend kids’ activities.

There is still some work to be done to finish off the church building, the main thing will be to get the roof painted to protect it from the elements to stop it rusting.

The attendance at Sunday services remains inconsistent. If everyone who attends at times attended all together, we would have a congregation of around 50! It was good this month to have two of the families attend with the fathers.


Bible study in the week at a member’s home continues to be well attended and the weekly prayer meeting has dedicated core members who attend. The focus is to really develop and disciple key church members to reach out to others.

Youth Fellowship

The youth will meet on a Sunday afternoon, and are always great fun with games, (Uno has worldwide appeal!) food and a message, these young people are showing maturity and willingness to help and support the local kids’ clubs which is amazing. Please pray for these young people as they grow in their faith with God.


UNO is loved worldwide

Baby Shower


This month we were excited to share in the preparations and celebrations for Teacher Ivy as she gets ready to have her first baby. Members of the church and the school all guessed the gender of the baby and this was revealed with balloon popping and confetti. The result- it’s a boy!!! The baby shower was great fun with great food and games. we are all excited to meet the little boy, a real gift from God to Teacher Ivy. Hopefully we will have baby photos for the next newsletter.


Parent’s Bible Study


We have found a core group of parents are really excited to attend the weekly bible study while their children are in the school. We are currently reading through the gospel of John and it is great to see them asking questions and really exploring what God’s word means to them personally and how to apply it in their lives. It is great to have this opportunity to build relationships and hear about their lives and pray for situations they are facing.

Kids Clubs

These continue to go well, and numbers continue to remain high in the 4 local areas.

Light Party

As part of our continued joint kids club gatherings we held a Light Party, to focus on Jesus the Light of the World instead of the darkness that is Halloween! We had around 70 children attend from across the 4 areas we hold the weekly kids’ clubs. We started with action songs followed by games, which as always, the children really enjoyed. This was followed by showing a video on Jesus being the Light of the World, which was translated into Tagalog – there is a shortage of accessible appropriate Tagalog children’s media material!


The craft activity of making lanterns was a success and as usual the children took great care and were very precious in decorating their lanterns and where happy to proudly show them off when finished. The morning was rounded off with a meal of sausages and beans with rice, which disappeared at great speed! A ‘lot bag’ was given to everyone to enjoy at home or in most cases finished before even getting on the van!

It is such a joy to see how the Kid’s Clubs are growing.


Food & the Art of Filipino cooking

I can say in no uncertain terms that prior to coming to Coron Andrea was not a fan of fish, other than fish fingers. Since being here she has now discovered her enjoyment of the varied fish that is available on the island. All credit goes to Miss Rozel for her excellent cooking skills here at City Gates.


Visit from Pastor Glenn

We had a visit from Ps Glenn Isaguirre from Manila and it was really great to see him. Spending time with him was very inspiring when it came to look at future ministry opportunities here in Guadalupe and across the island as a whole. His only stipulation was to make sure whatever we do it is not illegal, against culture, against biblical and Christian teaching. So really the restriction we have is our own imagination!


Praise and Prayer

  • We thank God for the success of the Light Party & the message of Jesus being the Light of the World.
  • We praise God that the parents Bible study is going well & the parents are starting to explore the Bible for themselves and asking lots of questions.
  • Please pray for the Schools Alpha Courses, the 1 st two sessions were well received and generated good discussion in both English and Tagalog. Pray that we can continue to communicate effectively.
  • Please pray for us to have wisdom and clarity of thought as we continue to explore further ministries opportunities in the local area and further afield on Coron.
  • Please hold our continued learning of Tagalog in your prayers.
  • Finding suitable rental accommodation within our limited budget remains a challenge.

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter, we are so thankful for all your support and could not be doing any of this work without you.
Many Blessings
Love from Andrea and James

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