How is Regents training leaders and transforming lives?

Regents Theological College continues to be at the forefront of Christian education in Britain. Principal Dave Newton, Vice Principal Pete Read and some students of Regents share what’s happening and discuss exciting plans for expansion.

There are almost 17 million millennials in the UK, making up over a quarter of the population. As millennials – those born between 1981 to the mid-1990s – are rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with, marketing agents from all over the world are studying new ways to reach them on purpose.


Dave Newton, Principal of Regents College, shares how Regents has also reshaped theological training for this age group over the last few years.


Principal Dave Newton

“Our mission statement at Regents is ‘Training Leaders, Transforming Lives’,” he says.

“We believe in equipping women and men who think differently, carry a kingdom perspective, and who are being transformed themselves into the character and likeness of Jesus. It is leaders like this who will then see a transformation in the lives of others and the world around them.

“Regents has always valued and continues to value residential training, allowing people the time and space to immerse themselves in a different environment and develop themselves alongside their understanding of God. Since moving to Malvern ten years ago, we have been very successful in attracting this type of student.


“Two years ago, however, we launched an additional method of learning, which allows students to study full or part-time from their context. This involves visiting the college site five or six times a year, where they can then apply what they are learning in a ministry or mission context alongside their formal studies.

“In addition to transforming the mode of study, we have also adapted our course content, covering a wide range of practical issues and ensuring the assessments are varied and relevant to real-world employability.”


The range of experiences of people in the classroom is so rich and diverse


Vice Principal Pete Read

With a great number of students attending campus for one week only each month, does this context-learning system really work?


“The mode of learning is certainly different and challenges us to think differently in almost every aspect of work. We are trying to help the students go on a journey from being dependent through independent to becoming interdependent learners.

“This means we are helping students prepare for real-life, real-world challenges and opportunities. The change in delivery means in some ways we don’t have the same level of contact with students, although with rising numbers this may have been the case anyway. It has most definitely been the right move for us to take.”


Your lectures are now open to people who are currently ‘in the middle of real-life pastoral situations’. How exciting is such a training opportunity?

“The range of experiences of people in the classroom is now so rich and diverse. In many ways, learning has become less theoretical and we are regularly drawing on recent, real-life examples to illustrate and apply our learning.

“It is exciting to receive emails and hear anecdotes of students putting what they have learned into practice with immediate effect and getting mixed results. This provides instant feedback which consolidates learning.”


Being a lecturer yourself, could you describe the feeling you get when you are teaching to a full theatre, which is the case for the first time?

“In many ways, it is more difficult to lecture to a theatre full rather than 15 in a classroom. We have adapted our teaching styles and our classroom environment to attempt to offer the best experience to the student. We now ensure that all modules are team-taught, drawing a range of expert voices on any given topic. It is a thrill to teach so many students with pens poised ready to learn.”

Increasing my knowledge and learn from experienced leaders


Simon Evans, a context-based student

“Regents was a natural choice for me because I wanted to study from a Pentecostal perspective.

“As I am currently a youth pastor at the Cynon Valley Church, the BA (Hons) in Theology and Church Leadership is the perfect way to increase my knowledge, analyse the practical side of leadership, and learn from experienced pastors and tutors who can guide and help shape my future.

“I love the community and the friendships you make at Regents. I’ve connected with people from all over the UK who have a similar heart, and it is amazing to get to know these guys and to think where God will lead us in the future.

“You learn a lot from those informal conversations with other students who are also working in their churches and community projects, while they study deeper areas of theology at Regents.”

Discover all Regents has to offer at a Just Looking day

Thinking of Christian ministry? Think Regents!

If you're thinking of studying for a degree in applied theology that engages you in your community and is relevant to so much that's needed in today's world, Regents could be just the place for you. It's a vibrant Pentecostal College, at the heart of the Elim movement, that trains leaders to transform lives.

Come and enjoy a day on the campus, seeing everything on offer, meeting tutors and students, and sensing if this is where God is calling you for the next stage of this incredible journey. There are several 'Just Looking' days throughout the year and there's still time to book in for the next one at

Register your interest now to come and have a look at everything that is on offer at Regents. It's relaxed, informative, and designed to help you 'hear' if studying with us is part of your next 'call' on this wonderful journey.

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