25 October 2019

Over 70 new students commence studies at Regents

At the start of 2019-20 academic year, Regents Theological College in Malvern welcomed over seventy new students, as they began their undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Three years ago, under the leadership of Dave Newton, Director of Elim Training and Regents Principal, the college expanded it modes of study to allow undergraduate students to either live on campus as part of the vibrant Christian community, or study from their local context on one of the ministry training tracks.

As a context student, undergraduates stay within their ministry, home or work setting, and travel to the Malvern campus every five weeks, where they join the campus students for focused lecture weeks covering the various academic modules.  

Dave Newton said, “This year marks a turning point in our plans for Regents and the new modular programme. We now have campus and context students in all three years of our undergraduate tracks, and it makes for a dynamic and powerful campus.

“Personally I am thrilled to see all Regents students develop theologically and deepen their relationship with God as their studies progress. We are seeing students changing lives and developing ministries in all areas of society, not just in church settings, as we help fulfil the mission of God’s call on their lives”.


Regents is at the heart of the future of Elim with students of all ages attending the degree courses. With its focus on “Training Leaders, Transforming Lives”, you can explore the range of courses at Regents Theological College on their website: regents-tc.ac.uk

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