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PERSECUTED Simply for following Jesus. Persecution against Christians is rising rapidly and we carry global reports. Plus, Taking care of the nation's care homes; The Saturday night sensation in Wales; How 'blended' teaching is helping Regents' students; and Brian Houston explains how you can make stress work for you. Plus all your favourite columns and features.

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Inside Direction Magazine September 2019…

EDITORIAL Chris Cartwright and Pentecostal history

STILL TRANSFORMING LIVES RTC continues to be at the forefront of Christian education, says Dave Newton

NEWS from Elim and the wider church

HOW STRESS CAN MOTIVATE YOU Brian Houston has brilliant advice for believers who are struggling to cope

BOUNCING BACK AFTER ACCIDENT A gymnastic accident turned out to be the catalyst of change for Elaine Berrick

PERSECUTED FOR FOLLOWING JESUS We look at how Elim partner Open Doors is working to protect Christians globally

WHAT VALUE A PAIR OF SCISSORS?  Finding some scissors changed everything for Kate Martin after her house burned down

CRE SANDOWN PARK Special exhibition preview feature

CARE HOME CONGREGATIONS Pastor Felix Appiah urges Elim churches  to join him in reaching out to care homes

SATURDAY NIGHT SENSATION! A church in a soft play centre is thriving thanks to its Saturday evening services

CHURCH HAS LEFT THE BUILDING A small Elim church is making a big impact

‘WHITE SAVIOUR’ WARNING Sian Davies shows how missionaries can easily leave themselves open to criticism

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Signing up for a half-marathon helped MPower’s Alex Morgan get in shape

PRAYING BEFORE EACH BOUT  Media captures Tyson   Fury in prayer

GUITAR LESSON OUTREACH  Mike Preston tells how he is striking  a chord with his community in Kilsyth

PRAYER TORE DOWN A WALL  Lyndon Bowring looks at how the Berlin Wall fell and started a cry for missions

THE EVERLASTING WAY  Do we neglect to listen to the still, small voice of the Lord, asks Dave Ayling

ONE OF ELIM’S GREATEST LEADERS Maldwyn Jones delves into the archives to look at the life of Elim’s HW Greenway

MUSIC REVIEWS with Ian Yate s


ANSWERS with Phil Weaver

AND FINALLY with John Lancaster

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Persecution against Christians is rising rapidly; Taking care of the nation's care homes; The Saturday night sensation in Wales; How 'blended' teaching is helping Regents' students; and Brian Houston explains how you can make stress work for you.
A new discussion-based podcast for Elim leaders is launched today where we encourage leaders to take the time to reflect, learn and grow in their leadership.
Cross Walk - How literally should we take Christ's command? Returning missionary David Allen argues strongly for more church planting in the UK.
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