26 June 2019

Interested in becoming a Chaplain?

Did you know that Elim has over 100 chaplains working in areas including education, healthcare, prisons, the armed forces and the emergency services?

One example is Ann Stevenson who served as a chaplain for over 26 years in the NHS and recently received a distinguished service award from the Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust.


Talking about her role as a chaplain, Ann commented, “Chaplaincy gives you the opportunity to be the arms and legs of Jesus, an incarnation of the love of God, standing with someone who needs His love and care in desperate situations when they are hurting and in pain.”

“It’s our job to love them, no matter what they are like, and not to give up on them.”

“Chaplains need to be compassionate people, not easily shocked, resilient and resourceful, and there has been a real resurgence of chaplaincy over the past four or five years.”

“I once sat listening to a woman on a cancer ward who was scared to leave her 15-year-old daughter. I came off the ward and cried and told God that I couldn’t do it anymore.”

“He said, 'No you can’t do it, but I can.' That’s when I realised I wasn’t doing this in my own strength.”

“A chaplain is someone who carries the presence of God, bringing peace and comfort, and a calmness in the midst of panic. It’s not wrong to prepare people for death or pray for healing, but you should do it in a tender, sensitive way.”

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Discover how chaplains are impacting lives, workplaces and communities

By bringing chaplains together at its annual conference, Elim helps them to get to know others working in similar fields, sharing knowledge and best practice.

At this year's United Chaplaincy Conference in Malvern, you will have the opportunity to meet remarkable women and men who are engaged in different areas of society. Learn from active chaplains, hear stories of how chaplaincy opens the doors to faith, and be inspired to support chaplaincy in your local area.

Held in Malvern from 8-9 October 2019, the keynote speakers include:

David Carr

Founding Pastor of Renewal Church, Solihull, Bishop, and Passionate Hospital Chaplain.

Jonathan Woodhouse

Retired Senior British Army Officer. He was Chaplain General and head of the Royal Army Chaplains’ Department.  Former Chaplain-General of the Free Churches.

Kirk McAtear

Leader of Connect Church UK, Sports Chaplain, Assemblies of God Great Britain.

Christy Smith

Senior Pastor, Brighton Elim.

Alongside the programme and speaker line-up, the opportunity to build friendships and meet up with others who are passionate about chaplaincy ministry is an amazing experience.

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