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Vision 20/20: Developing Leaders

One of Elim's four missional priorities as a Movement is developing leaders. Stuart Blount, Elim's Director of Ministry, shares about Elim being committed to training, developing, and supporting leaders.

Introducing our priority of developing leaders, Chris Cartwright commented:

We're committed to identifying, training and releasing transformational leaders. Leaders who will make a difference where they are but also equip the next generation to play their part in pursuing the great plans and purposes of an amazing God.

Stuart Blount explains more:

Discovering, developing and deploying leaders is a big part of our vision 20/20 as we move forward as a Movement.

We want to discover those men and women across the life of our Movement who have the call of God on their life and who can step forward to the challenges that we find today in reaching our nation.

They're in your churches and we want you to join with us in finding those people but also as we do that we need to be developing their skills, their leadership ability, their character, their walk with God, so that we have whole and rounded leaders who can make a transformational difference in churches and communities right across this land of ours.


At the Elim Leaders Summit 2017, Chris Cartwright, Elim's General Superintendent shared more about the mission of Elim:

And then it's all about deploying people. It's about finding those opportunities, those places where people can flourish and grow in church teams, in church planting situations or as they take on church communities themselves.

We want to get better at developing and encouraging great leadership not that leadership is the only gift or the only label. Apostles and prophets and pastors and worship leaders and youth ministers and evangelists and apologeticists and and all kinds of new fangled words to describe what the Holy Spirit is going to do as he released the gifting of those that are called to lead someone somewhere in Jesus name. Leaders, whole leaders, finishing well leaders, all aged leaders, younger leaders, veteran leaders, we might need a better word for that.

What are Elim’s big plans for 2019?

Elim has identified our four priorities as a Movement to be Making Disciples, Developing Leaders, Growing Churches and Reaching Nations.

Specifically for 2019, Chris Cartwright believes that 2019 will be a significant year for Elim of renewal, recommitment and realignment. Read his article here.

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