‘New' - Family Worship Album

 Featuring over 80 adults and children from the Elim family

The second family worship album from Elim Sound ‘NEW’ features ten original songs for the whole family to enjoy in the car, on a Sunday morning or in Kids Church. 

‘NEW’ contains five brand new songs written for the project, three drawn from the wider Elim family and two from the Elim Sound album, ‘ONE.’ 

NEWFamily WorshipES

In opening up the project to the wider Elim family, Elim Sound asked families, children and songwriters to send in songs. With over forty songs submitted, the tea chose: ’Gifts,’ written and sung by ten-year-old Hiyab Gazae from Coventry Elim, ‘Jesus Be The Leader,’  written and sung by son and mum, Reuben and Laura Rook from Portsmouth Elim and ‘Let Your Light Shine,’ written by mum of three, Hannah De lille, sung by twelve year old Rubi Cook.

The team have used a number of new voices for this project including 15-year-old rapper, Walter Taylor from Cardiff, Jonathan Owusu-Yianomah and Rebecca Scott from London, Karen Felix from Yeovil and Catherine Browne from Northern Ireland. They also assembled a choir of 40 kids from a number of Elim churches in London and a choir of 19 from Northern Ireland.

This multicultural, all-age project brings together a current pop-vibe with Scripture verses, bible characters and strong Christian truths. 


New - Featuring Sam Blake
Be Praised - Featuring Rebecca Scott
Giants - Featuring Ian Yates
Jesus Be The Leader - Featuring Reuben, Laura & Andy Rook
We Say Yes - Featuring Noel Robinson
Let Your Light Shine - Featuring Rubi Cook & Walter Taylor
Forever Friend - Featuring Keren Felix & Walter Taylor
Follow - Featuring Catherine Browne
Lord's Prayer - Featuring Jonathan Owusu-Yianomah
Gifts - Featuring Hiyab Gazae

'New' was released on 10 May 2019.


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