Equipped to reach Millennials

The Millennial Generation, also known as Generation Y, faces unprecedented challenges in a rapidly changing spiritual, moral and ethical landscape. While many Millennials seem to be leaving churches, there is a rising tide of young people who are believing God for a fresh outpouring of his Spirit and grace for this generation.

Some of things attributed to millennials are typical in the life-stage transition that each of us go through as we emerge into adulthood between age 18 and 28. These characteristics can be seen in each generation. When a baby boomer left their teens and moved into their 20s, a lot of their experiences and the characteristics that shaped them are shared with the millennials of today. And in other ways, there are many things that make Millennials unique.

Yet, we believe God is raising up young leaders to speak into this generation with courage and creativity, faith and fervour. That's why we especially host the Young Leaders Track at the Summit for all your young leaders aged 18-30. And this year they meet in a larger venue to accommodate the increasing numbers attending.

This track has 5 unique meetings that seek to gather, inspire, equip and envision those with a heart to make a difference in their generation.


Bring your young leaders to the Elim Leaders Summit

The sessions for young leaders ages 18-30 years will involve a rich mix of worship, prayer, powerful teaching, group discussion, and ministry. And young leader delegates will also have access to the other main celebrations at the Summit.

2 free places are available for each Elim church that brings their young leader's ages 18-30 to the Summit for the first time.

And if they've been before, Elim is offering 50% off tickets for young leaders.



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