Rebecca Scott shares about the first Elim Sound Dance Workshop

On Saturday 2 March we had the privilege of having Rebecca Dawson teach a dance workshop at Ealing Christian Centre. Rebecca has worked with Hillsong’s dance team for a number of years, and we knew that she would have invaluable knowledge and experience to share with those coming for the event.

In total we had 21 youth and young adults attend from five different Elim churches – City Church Cardiff, Com Church Dunstable, Birmingham City Church, Elim Christian Centre Barking, and our own Ealing Christian Centre. 


Rebecca started with a short informative talk of her own experiences in the area of dance – both in and outside the church. She shared her story of becoming a Christian, and how dance has helped her bring people together to worship God. Our youth were encouraged by her refreshing attitude towards dance in the church and how we can use that as a means to evangelise.


Rebecca then moved onto teaching her own choreography to the Lion King’s ‘He Lives in You’. While it is not necessarily a Christian song, Rebecca mentioned that the lyrics are fitting of our own personal relationship with God, as the Holy Spirit lives inside of each one of us.

She began teaching the routine step by step, and it was amazing to see people pick up the routine so quickly, moving in sync with one another and making the choreography their own. By the time the session was finished, the dancers had learnt and performed a complex yet beautiful dance piece. Feedback was extremely positive with a number of young people asking if we would run another one! 


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