Fiona Crow releases her second solo album – ‘Masterpiece’

With such a bold title for her second album you could be forgiven for thinking that Fiona is indeed growing in confidence with this new release, building on the success of her 2015 album ‘Made to Love’.

The title track ‘Masterpiece’ in fact explores Ephesians 2:10, and echoes the timeless C.S. Lewis quote “We are, not metaphorically, but in very truth, a divine work of art”.


Fiona is the Worship Director at Edinburgh Elim and alongside her bass-playing husband and young family she has served there for over 10 years. With this new album Fiona continues to develop her craft as a songwriter for the contemporary church with many of the songs from the album being birthed in the live spontaneous worship at her home church.

Fiona continues to write alongside her Elim Sound family with Suzanne Hanna and Sam Blake credited as co-writers on this release. “Be Moved” from Elim Sound’s ‘One’ album also features on this release and was recorded live, with a video to be released later in 2019.

The track “Father Heart” was a souvenir from a recent holiday in Nashville where Fiona paired up with fellow singer-songwriter Shelly Moore to pen a moving exploration of the prodigal son story. 

Masterpiece (Official Lyric Video)

Whole Life Praise (Live Video Version)

The album is available from all digital platforms and also directly from Fiona’s website fionacrowmusic.com

Available online at the following locations

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