LIMITLESS launches new annual programme

At the Gathering 2018, held over the weekend of 27-28 October, LIMITLESS launched an exciting new programme for the young people and youth leaders of the Elim movement.

With four key events throughout the year, LIMITLESS has transformed its annual programme to focus on two events specifically for young people and two for youth and children's leaders.

The changes will result in some new things starting and some other events stopping. Tim Alford, National Limitless Director, explains more in the short video.

Welcome to the LIMITLESS year

Commenting on the new programme, Limitless Director, Tim Alford said, "This is our Limitless Year together and I’m believing and praying that this is going to serve our leaders and young people better than ever before."

"I love what God is doing amongst us, and I love being on this journey with every leader and young person in LIMITLESS. I believe in the power of gathering together as a growing community, and I’m convinced that we can accomplish so much more together than we ever could alone. So let’s do this together and see something special happen in 2019!"

Here's an overview of what the new LIMITLESS year looks like, along with details of how LIMITLESS wants to help Elim churches plant 100 new youth ministries.


LIMITLESS Leaders is the annual gathering of Elim's youth and children's ministry leaders. This event brings leaders together from across the movement to meet at the Elim International Centre, Malvern for a few days in January.


In February, LIMITLESS presents a brand new event called LIMITLESS One. This is an opportunity for young people from across the nation come together on the same day at one of seven locations.



LIMITLESS Festival, held in August at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern, is THE GATHERING of the LIMITLESS community. With three dynamic venues for kids, youth and young adults, LIMITLESS Festival is the declaration of a generation who exceed the limits of their expectation.



LIMITLESS OXYGEN regional training days are designed for the whole youth and children’s ministry team to gather for fresh input at the start of the new academic year. These OXYGEN events with happen at various locations during September 2019.



Need help starting a new youth ministry?

LIMITLESS is the national youth ministry of Elim Pentecostal Churches in the UK and Ireland. It exists to reach young people, equip youth leaders and inspire dynamic youth ministry through the local church. With nearly half (48%) of churches having fewer than 5 under 16 year-olds, LIMITLESS has a vision that includes pioneering 100 new youth ministries through Elim churches who are not currently reaching young people.

Does your church have no young people or no active youth work taking place? Do you desire to do something about your youth work gap, but don't have a clue where to start? LIMITLESS can help you.

Find out more at

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