Some useful suggestions on how to plan out your Big Yes, Little Yes, Healthy Maybe (BYLYHM) events.

Take the year and divide it into the three academic terms. In each term aim to have one of the three levels of Big Yes, Little Yes, Healthy Maybe events.

We would encourage you to use the following structure:

1st event: A Healthy Maybe perception-changing event

2nd event: A Little Yes investigation event

3rd Event: A Big Yes gospel presentation event

At each of these events, have publicity to give out that advertises the following:

  1. The next similar event: If you are doing a Healthy Maybe event then advertise the next Healthy Maybe event. This ensures we keep feeding into the person who isn’t ready to move to the next level.
  2. The next level of event: If you are doing a Healthy Maybe event then you would want to invite those who are ready to embrace the next phase to do so.

A cyclical process. It’s worth saying this isn’t meant to be linear but rather cyclical i.e. we want to have a multi-access approach so that there is always something happening that your church folk can appropriately invite their friends to. All that being said people will also come to the events in order.

You may not be able to implement all of these changes straight away and even if you are able to, it’s worth thinking through whether that’s the right thing to do by bringing about so much change. Have a look at what you already are doing and identify where there is a weakness in the journey, it would make sense to start there. Speak to Mark Greenwood in the REACH office for help with this.

Start by maximising Christmas. We make so many contacts with those who are unchurched at this time. As well as it being a great time to do evangelism, it is also worth noting that more people think about life and consider making changes than at any other time of the year. January-February would be a good time to implement BYLYHM.

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